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Paypal Refund question...

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I recently sold an item to a buyer on ebay and she emails me 2 days after the auction closed asking if I had shipped her item yet. I stated that I require 72 hours for shipment due to the fact that sometimes payments can get reversed or something might happen, and I don't want to be out of money and a pair of jeans. She then proceeds to write me a somewhat nasty email, so I am just going to refund her money because I really just don't want to deal with this impatient person. It is just worth it to me to refund her money and sell the jeans here on HF. How do I refund her money through paypal so that I am protected and she doesn't try to pull an INR dispute, and I can't prove it to paypal that I gave her money back. Someone please help me ASAP. Thank you!
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I hate to tell ya, but payments can be reversed long after 72 hours. You should ship as soon as possible after payment is received. If you refund her payment you could be reported as a nonperforming seller and it sounds like shes bound to neg you.
If it were me, I would apologize for the slight delay and ship the item immediately.

If you really want to refund her, just login to your paypal account, click on the transaction and at the bottom theres a link where you can refund her.
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Yeah she is being difficult. I just figured I would refund her money (39 bucks isn't much) and just try to re-sell them. Oh well. Thanks Kelly for the heads up!!! I appreciate it!
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"you people" have the most bizarre ideas of how paypal and ebay work. the chances of paypal initiating a payment reversal are slim to none. ive had it happen once or twice out of more than 20,000 transactions. the chances are probably higher on big ticket items and electronics, rather than pants.

to answer your question, kelly is correct there is an "issue refund" button at the bottom of the transaction page. its very small. if you refund through that button i dont even think they can open a dispute on the transaction and they wouldnt anyway so theres nothing to worry about.

i would also send the item if i were you.
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I sent the item already. Thanks guys.
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In the past year I about 10 of mine were held. However none of them were reversed in that time period. Most had already been shipped w/ tracking so I was already cover by seller protection anyways.

Waiting 72 hours is not going to protect you.

Just ship following paypals rules (NO UNCONFIRMED ADDRESSES!!!!! etc....) and you will be covered by them on your transactions. If you read the user agreement for PayPal you can find all the details. I rarely have any trouble w/ paypal except the normal buyer disputes. If you read and follow the user agreements then you will not have any either.
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So I come home from work and check my email and this girl has the nerve to open an INR dispute through paypal 9 days after paying. She paid on the 27th of May. I shipped out the jeans June 2. It is June 6th and she is freaking the hell out saying she paid well over 10 days ago. I have tracking. I told her kindly that it can take 5-7 days shipping with priority mail. I shipped to a confirmed address and shipped with Priority and have tracking. I am safe, right?
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does the delivery confirmation show up as delivered?
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No, not yet. It is still "processing". I don't know why it's taking over 5 days to reach her. I sent out another pair of jeans the same day and they were already delivered. I shipped them to AR and they left Anaheim CA on the 4th. Why the hell did they go to California first? Arkansas is on the other side of the country!
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I believe she would lose the dispute anyway, because (correct me if I'm wrong) the seller has 10 days to ship before you can be considered INR.

She sounds like a pain in the ass...Sorry you're having to deal with all this crap! You never know what you're going to get on ebay.
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I hate ebay. I hate that sellers can get negged, but buyers can't, as I'm sure we all do. I hate that lately, I have been dealing with some really bitchy buyers. I just hate ebay now. I think I am done selling. I can't take it anymore.

She emailed today. Said she got them and she likes them. She didn't understand why it took so long to ship. Doesn't Priority Mail take 5-7 days? I wish I could have just refunded her and sold them on here. Oh well.
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idaho to florida should be 3 days. california would be 2.
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She got it. For some reason it took 6 days to arrive on her doorstep. I shipped using Priority Mail.
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The point being you can't control how long mail takes. I got a buyer dispute because the buyer forgot to pick it up at his post office in Germany, which was hardly something I could do anything about. People are crazy!
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I have been following this thread and am glad to hear it all worked out The post office told me the only mail that is guaranteed in a certain period of time is actually Express. I sent something express it took 3 days & when I tried to complain they said since my mail picked it up at my house & got it back to the main post office after 5pm it didn't count for that day. Then they actually get 2 days to deliver it before you can complain about it not being on the 24 hour time they promise.... ugh even says that in small print on the usps site I discovered.

Anyways that was off topic sorry, lol. My point was that priority can take a while usually doesn't but it can and there is nothing you can do about it since it is not guaranteed. I had a priority package take a week before too but the tracking said they routed it wrong by accident and had to reroute it. I have been hearing a lot lately on the forum about difficult buyers now that this new feedback is in place I have some items I need to put up and makes me worried.
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Use the Honest Mall! Unless it's not stuff that's normally sold here. It's free, easy...don't have to worry about the crazies...

But if you do use ebay, just make sure you only ship to confirmed addresses and pay attention to people's feedback. I usually go through and read people's feedback, just to see what kind of things are left. I think PlasticAlligator has had some bad luck lately with ebay!! lol. It's not ALWAYS like that, though.
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