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Diesel jean sizes

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Hi. First of all let me say this website (and the message board) are terrific resources! Both have taught me a lot.

Now for my question, it's a little off-topic I suppose, but I figure a lot of you guys are experts in Diesel jeans, I've never actually tried on a pair of diesels in a store, and there's nowhere close by me where I can. I'm looking to buy a pair from one of the non-faker merchants mentioned here, but I'm curious as to what size I should order. Usually I buy jeans (Levi Mavis, BDG, etc.) in 30x32, is that same sizes I should be looking for in Diesel jeans, or should I size up/size down?

Thanks in advance for any answers you guys can provide!
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it really depends on what cut you get, but i'd say diesels generally run true.

except for the zathans, which are typically about one size bigger in the waist than normal. for example, i usually wear 30x30, but i have a pair of zathans that are looser in the waist than some of my other jeans. i wear a 30 waist in paper denim and in seven.

it also depends a lot on which wash you get. some like to stretch out tons after a few wears. the 772 wash will stretch up to a size after you wear them a few times. other washes, such as the 770, will stretch up to a half a size.

either way there are lots of variables but for the most part you can order whatever size you wear in other brands and you should be okay.
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It really does depend on the cut, I am 34x32 and some of the jeans are tighter then others, with Diesel it's really hard to say and I have over 10 pairs.
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