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New Zealand Kates!

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I just bought these new kates. What do you gals think? I haven't bought any sfam for awhile but I thought these looked really cool. The pockets stitching is gold, cream, and taupe-like colors. You like? Hope they fit nice!~

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I have been wanting a pair of Kate jeans for-EVERRRRRR! I like that pair and I'm sure they will look fabulous on you as your other pairs do.
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I really like those!
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I like the colors
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I like those Kates! I'm sure they will look great on you.
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I like those too!! Are they straight leg?
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I was hoping to see you in them. They are very sexy.
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Yes they are straight leg mspowerbomb. A very wearable straight leg. I really like them a lot! I received them and wore them over the weekend. They are really comfortable and soft! I shoulda took pics.

I'll post them here or in waywt or something.

Thanks ladies!
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I have dojo in the wash and they are pretty!
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Post a pic of yourself in them already, woman!
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What is the rise on Kates?
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i love kates!! those are hot!!
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Were they tts? I had Kate's in glacier wash and they were about 2 sizes too big.
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