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Guess what I found........

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at my local Goodwill for $3.39!!!!

This was almost like Christmas in May!! Has anybody else found stuff like this before. I have found a couple of SFAM's and a couple of Diesel's at Goodwill. I had to sell those b/c I always find things that are not my size but......... these fit me!!!!!
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nice deal!!
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Yay! I've found one pair of TR Joeys at a vintage store... and my parents call me if they find something that looks "designer" (it's so funny, they go to the same vintage/thirft shops every Saturday morning.. so cute)! I think they bought me 2 pairs of COH jeans today ($20 total) while they were out.
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Best Deal EVER! Congrats!!!!

I don't know where the thrift/secondhand stores around me are so I've never been able to score deals like this... except on eBay.
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Thanks!!! So today I went to a different Goodwill and I found a pair of Diesel Chela's that are technically my size but they are TIGHT!!!! They have a small hole over the back pocket but I don't care!! I may just patch it myself and laugh at my good deal!!
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^My local thift stores have gotten smart about designer stuff & popular name brand items so there are no 3.99 tags! The consignment stores make me laugh- just b/c it's a certain brand they'll jack up the price despite condition or age.

I was doing resell for awhile by going to Goodwill and Value Village but it became too much work and not enough $$$. Garage sales are probably the best bet for cheap goodies these days.

Great job on your finds needshoppingmoney! =) I love your sig btw lol!
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Originally Posted by shoppeaholick View Post
^ I love your sig btw lol!

Thanks for the compliment!!! I haven't checked out the consignment shops around here in a long time. I get to stalk Goodwill during my lunch hour a couple of times a week. It is definitely hit and miss with a lot of misses!!! I love it when I find that hidden treasure....even better when it fits. In the past I have taken a couple of friends and when they got inside they looked mortified. My husband carries Germ-X (which isn't a bad idea!!). I love it b/c I get really good deals to either resell or wear. I also get to people watch and there are some really interesting folks that frequent the Goodwill!!

This weekend will be consignment shops!!!
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very nice find! thats a steal. treat 'em good. going to goodwills are definitely a hit and miss type ordeal.
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Great deal
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