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Recomendations on a good self-tanner?

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My fair skin does not tan easily and I'm thinking of trying out some of those self tanners this year. Any suggestions on one that has worked welll for you?

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I really like the Loreal Sublime Bronze....it gives a nice tan unlike others that just turn you orange (Jergens, Nivea, Neutrogena).
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Got to be St Tropez
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Weird, I've had REALLY bad experiences with L'Oreal Sublime Bronze (streaks like no other, orangey, etc). The one thing the L'Oreal does have going for it is that it doesn't smell *as* god awful as some other self tanners but the streaking and orange-ness were out of control - I would consider myself pretty good at using self tanner considering that I'm incredibly pale and refuse to tan via the sun or tanning bed so I've been using self tanners for several years. A couple others I would stay away from - Clinque (extreme orange) and the Neutrogena Spray On tanner (streaky but that could have been because I hadn't used a spray on before).

Self tanners I have had good luck with are the Coppertone Endless Summer and Neutrogena Gradual Tan (Light). Neither one has left me looking like an oompa loompa, though like most self tanners, the smell isn't the best.

PS - the Endless Summer lotion I have used is NOT the one in the brown bottle. It's this one:


But I have a feeling that this is their new bottle redesign, though I can't be positive so I'm not going to say that the forumlation, etc is the same because I haven't used the brown bottle one.

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I sucked it up for about 5 years and didn't do any tanning. I have tried the self-tanners but they smell odd and turn me orange. I have tried a few but I only had some success with Clinique. This year I decided to go back to the tanning bed....I know it's bad for me but I crumbled when I saw all the pretty tans. I was shocked at all the different levels of skin cancer (oops I mean tanning beds!!) that are available now. I love the 12 minute beds!! Don't do it though......
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Also, I just got the Banana Boat Adjustable Tanner for light skin - I plan on using it shortly, so I'll update once I see the results.
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oooh Lancome has a great self tanner line.. also have you tried airbrush tanning or spray tans? If you stand right into the spray tans you can get a nice glow.

Airbrush tanning is done by a person who will get the parts a spray machine cant and they can make your abs stand out too if you want LOL
Ive never dont the airbrush but a friend of mine has and she always looks great!
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I never use self tanner because the smell is always just OOC!!! Is there anything out there that doesn't have that nasty self-tanner smell?
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^Trippy mentioned in another thread that Hawaiian Tropic does not have that self tanner smell.
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i suggest to read this article before you go any further considering buying skincare products "There are over 150 toxic cancer-causing ingredients currently used in cosmetic products alone..." Sunscreen Causes Cancer! Its not just about sunscreen issues if you read it. Its actually a very good website with articles based on studies
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I'm going to try Lavera Sun Sensitive - supposedly organic/natural whatever free of bad chemicals.
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Originally Posted by sevenheaven View Post
Got to be St Tropez
St Tropez is HANDS DOWN the best self tanner out there. It's the only natural looking one imo others look too brown or orange.

Victoria Beckham uses it i know... she's a bit too tan looking for me but it looks like an actual tan not like the other celebs who're all orange
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i used neutrogena instant bronze and it got the job done for me
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I think it really depends on your skin pigment. What works for one person, may not work for another.
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Originally Posted by Nwin View Post
i used neutrogena instant bronze and it got the job done for me
I used to use that one also... in Medium since I'm pretty pale to begin with
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Well, I don't recommend Aveeno Summer Radiance. I decided to try that today before BBQing at my parents. My mom asked me what was wrong with my face (neck)! I've got little red spots on me and I'm now itchy all over to boot. I think I'm done with the lotions now - tanning beds for the win!
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Ohhhhhhhhh the ease of the tanning bed.... That special tanning bed that I mentioned earlier is called a Velocity bed.
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I tried the Banana Boat one yesterday - loved it.

- little to no smell (this may change depending upon the level of color you to which adjust)
- color was true to the level I selected
- no streaks
- very natural looking

- felt like it took a little while to absorb (maybe 30 minutes as compared to 15)

On another note, I was reading an article on a study performed around self tanners and free radicals. The study found that 24 hours after using a self tanner, skin is more sensitive to the sun and free radical damage caused by the sun due to dihydroxyaceton. PLEASE remember to wear sunscreen (min 30 SPF) even if your self tanner has SPF in it.

DHA Safety Considerations For the 24 hours after self-tanner is applied, the skin is especially susceptible to free-radical damage from sunlight, according to a 2007 study led by Katinka Jung of the Gematria Test Lab in Berlin. Forty minutes after the researchers treated skin samples with active ingredient in self-tanners, Dihydroxyalcetone, sometimes termed under the acroynm DHA, they found that more than 180 percent additional free radicals formed during sun exposure compared with untreated skin. Another self-tanner ingredient, erythulose, produced a similar response. The interaction between the chemical-bronzing process and UV light overloads the skin's free-radical defense system, according to Jung and her colleague Thomas Herrling. For a day after self-tanner application, excessive sun exposure should be avoided and sunscreen should be worn outdoors, they say; an antioxidant cream could also minimize free radical production. Although some self-tanners contain sunscreen, its effect will not last long after application, and a fake tan itself will not protect the skin from UV exposure.
Dihydroxyacetone - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Fatal Effect of Self-Tanning Agents during UV Irradiation

Self tanners by themselves are not bad for your skin, but you have to take care of your skin after you apply them.
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