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A number of Diesel employees I have come in contact with have not been 'in the know' and basically repeat what others have told them to say and it may very well be his own opinion. And not because a Diesel employee tells you that something is in or out means that it is actually so. And IMO "In" and "Out" will always be subjective and in many cases it depends on where you live.
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If bootcut will never die, then neither will skinny.
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darron is like,safado from waist to knee and thanaz from knee down huh?
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This is an entertaining topic to poke and prod, because the impending death of the current skinny-jeans archetype is close at hand and those left will split into two camps:

1 - Stay The Course:
Those in consummate denial who, like steadfast Zathan lovers, will profess the evergreen appeal of their favorite cut and have faith in the intrinsic qualities of the look that supposedly transcend fashion trends. "My friends, this look will always be around, and I'll never surrender."

2 - Phased Withdrawal:
The more sober-minded amongst us will accept a phased draw-down of skinny jeans, but will give enough time to allow other cuts in their wardrobe to stand up for themselves. "We need a sensible policy in our fashion repertoire that includes aggressive engagement with less radical cuts."

And before you say it, I realize the irony of all this coming from somebody who pretty much sleeps under a blanket of Zathans.

I think the distinction here is that the outermost fringe of the skinny-jeans look clobbers you over the head with its "direction." It's part and parcel to the same deliberately grotesque 80s revival look that brought back ugly-as-dick Ray-Ban Wayfarers, checkered vans slip-ons, bowler hats and anything else that makes you appear like you just stepped out of a thrift store garbage pile.

Eventually everybody gets the point, and the trend fizzles-out hard as it built itself up.

I just think it's funny how some of us are very adamant about riding the crests of trends only to balk when the trend finally runs out of steam and you're left with a closet full of shit headed to ebay or the HonestMall. Yes, there's guys out there still wearing Khaki Dockers, people still play in Grunge Bands, people still put Altezza lights on Ford Mustangs and people still drop E at Progressive Trance parties. The point is, your fad of choice only has one life to live unless you're willing to tough it out for a couple of decades.
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^ Apparently, yes. It's supposed to be a cross between Safado and Thanaz. The slim thigh fit of Safado, and a slight tapered leg, but not as narrow as Thanaz.
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^ A guy at the store told me that It's a cross between Viker and Thanaz - he may have been misinformed, but the leg definitely tapers-down below the knee.
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i kind of imagine the employee saying this "Skinny is out" nonsense in german accented english..
thats allt he contribution i have to this...
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don't believe the hype

I say you go back to that store in about a week and ask the employee if skinny fits are out why did they do a table of skinny fit denim for both men and women?
IN and OUT are such relative terms.
Most Diesel employees seem to have an attitude and act like they are on the cutting edge of fashion...reality is the majority of them only know what is force fed them by their managers. Often that message is a diluted version of what Diesel passed down. By the time the employee is relating his "insider info." to you the message has been fucked. That's not to say that all Diesel employees are that way. I've dealt with quite a few employees that follow fahsion, not just Diesel but all fashion, and could truly give you informed advice regarding trends. Funny thing is those employees that truly know the trends usually aren't following them they are ahead of them. The best dressed employee in the store probably doesn't give a damn about trends.
My advice...don't take people's advice...like the irony there?
Wear what you like and are comfortable in. Confidence is an accessory that makes any outift outstanding.
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I've mostly only seen skinny jeans worn by young teenagers here in the UK, I think they're too fashion forward to be pulled off by most guys. Interestingly it's the short guys that wear them, I've only noticed about two, 6 foot plus guys in them.

Most people are going to follow trends but it's just to what degree, I've still got pairs of XR / Zathan and Koffha kicking about, some of them are too rare to let go.

As for Diesel employees I take their advice with a large pinch of salt, I think quite a few of us here know what we want in terms of fit and style when we walk into a store.
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any fashion store's employee advice is to take with a HUUGE pinch of salt,all they will try to do is sell what is in stock and say that what is out of stock is 'not produced anymore'

btw,I prefer surkin's 1st remix of dont believe the hype,the 2nd one was lame
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i think more than anything that your definition of what "skinny" really is defines wether or not it is out or on the way out. if you define skinny as uber-skin tight pants like some a77 or cheap monday stuff (basically the guy-in-chick-jeans/all-out-leggings/pete-wentz-omg-so-emo look) is already out and has been for a while now. but if you are considering "skinny" to be cuts like a properly sized thanaz or dh 19cm, then that look is definitely not out nor will it be soon.
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hmm, i guess ill chime in

For the most part, people working at diesel are just doing it as another retail job. Every season diesel has "looks" that they encourage their employees to replicate. In essence, they are being told by diesel what is "in" and what 'looks/ outfits' they want to promote for the current season. Being dressed by your employers by no means makes you a fashionable person.

Im not claiming to be very fashionable either, but i always maintained my style while working there: denim, basic tee, and vans (fuck accessories/hats/scarves/eyeshadow) despite warnings and write-ups

As for the whole "bootcuts are coming back in" debate, they've been saying that shit since i was working there, so take that for what its worth
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