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auth check please

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I have a great number of pairs of seven jeans, much to the discontent of my husband. I recently bought a pair of seven jeans from a "reputable" seller who is a power seller. I thought that they would be real. However, I received them on Friday, and the seller is just now getting back with me. He states that his jeans are real, but would take the opinion of honestforum. I have been a long time lurker on here, but I have not officially joined until now. These jeans are going to be shipped back to him. Here is the listing with the pictures. I want to post the pictures of the inside pockets and tag. There is only a size tag, there is no other tag on the inside of these jeans. From what I can tell, there never was any other fabric/care/cut/etc tag on the inside. The outside label is very shiny and smooth, just like fakes. It is hard for me to get a good picture of that. Here is the listing of these jeans.

7 SEVEN for all mankind JEANS, BOOTCUT, Sz 28, NEW - eBay (item 140229165079 end time May-15-08 14:30:00 PDT)

How do I get the pictures of the inside pockets to show up on here without a url?
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Can I just email them to someone? My email address is lck2199@hotmail.com I am not that great at this whole forum picture thing.
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Judging from the outside tags then I would say that they are authentic. Let the others chime in b/c I am still new at this. I like the wash on these.
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OH!!, I bought my first pair of Sevens from this seller...completely authentic, and he has some rare styles. Just judging the pics on the auction I say they are real. I don't think they have copied these newer styles yet.
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Theyre real
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The thing that throws me off is that the inside has no fabric/care tag. The inside size tag is white, not the normal cream color that you normally see with black print (not brown). The newer ones at least have a tag on the inside with the care, style and cut. These do not have that. I am going to figure out a way to host the pictures so that you can see the tag. I admit, they look real from the pictures but once I got them....it was a whole different story.
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Finally figured out how to host these photos with some friends' help. I am new to posting on message forums. I usually just peruse them. The font just looks all wrong to me. If you need further pics, please let me know.

Photo_052408_001 on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Photo_052408_002 on Flickr - Photo Sharing!
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They're real like Kelly said. They're just missing the new brown tag, that's all.
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I understand that this seller specializes in damaged jeans and some rare ones. People can make mistakesk, even though this seller is well known to you all. This seller has never once sent me an email to explain why the tags are incorrect, not just missing. However, please look at my pics. I have not seen any jeans with this type of font. Have you ever seen any authentic jeans that were "damaged" with completely different tags sewn into them? Is this another type of new font that I am unaware of? It is not a cream colored tag with brown font. It is a white tag with black font with the size on it. Here is another listing of the same pair of jeans that appears authentic to me with the correct tags/font. I have never seen such extreme repairs that a completely new tag is sewn in.

NWT 7 Seven for all Mankind High Waist Bootcut Jeans 29 - eBay (item 180245933607 end time May-29-08 20:52:20 PDT)
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Real, a seller who sells authentic jeans and has a great reputation would know not to mess that up with a pair of junkies!
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I've bought a few from her and they are real. She is really nice to deal with too.
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