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Zathan 772, It's Back - Page 7

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last ones lawl
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where did you get these pics?
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Hmm, thanks for the pics. I'll settle with my two 2005s.
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a little birdy sent it to me @_@

i e-mailed jjdenim earlier in the day and i finally got them
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anyone here picking them up im debating if i should tehy look sorta plain , but if i do get them should i get a 29 if a 16 alinged waist
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Wow, guess they are newly made... date says '08

Too bad I'm over Zathan now...
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Debating...they're better than the 06 with more contrast in the fading but they are nowhere near my '04.

Will probably have to pass on these.
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Huh...is this Zathan 8IN?
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LULZ! I seriously hope that was a joke...
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hey, i never saw this wash in real! What is so spezial on 772? It looks like a causal wash. Color and fading remember me on my Zathan 8AT?!
i don't think the wash awesome because of the holes? please explain
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Is this pair of Zathan 772 stretch, should I size down/size up in this wash? Ussually i have a 32/32 or 33/32 zathans...

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No, 772 isn't a stretch wash but everybody says: size down as they stretch out a lot.
Personally, my normal zathan size is W30-31. I have 772 04 in W31 size a they are tight as hell in thigh.
btw are you from Czech Rep.?
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^ yep, I am from Czech republic.
LOL, they stretch out a lot - so size down, but are very tight in thigh
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That's my personal experience. My thights are muscular but nothing special.
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^ np, thanks! Why did you aks where am I from (you know Czech)?
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He's your long lost brother
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^omg, you blew my cover!
Actually, <czech>umim i trochu cesky. </czech>
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2petrsa <cesky> toz zdravim <cesky>
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It's nothing more than a 2006's 772 ...
Zathan is dead...
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all this hype was for nothing
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Thats strange........I just e-mailed JJ Denim to get some more pictures, and was told they hadn't arrived in yet?, and that they would arrive ear;y next week...... so not sure how they managed to get the pictures above??
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I think it depends on whom you are in contact with.
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