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Mens vs. Womens 32 Waist

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Sizing wise, what is the difference between a Mens SFAM jean and a womens SFAM jean if they are both size 32 and exactly the same style? For example. If a guy is a 32 in SFAM, could he wear the women's SFAM in 32 and have them be the same fit?
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the rise is different which makes the waist measurement different. A womens 32 is more like 34 inch waist when a mens 32 is closer to an actual 32" waist. All depends on the jean and style. A woman who would fit into a mens 32 can still fit in a womens 31 or 32 so there is no reason she would need a mens unless she wants a looser fit. If she doesn't fit into 32's they have very very few styles they make in a 33.

Paige makes sizes 33 and 34 if they wanted premium denim in a larger size!
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