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Betsey Johnson dress

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Revolve Clothing - BETSEY JOHNSON Battenburg Dress in Black at Revolve Clothing - Free Shipping!

g/f wondering is this dress okay wear to a wedding? or its way too much and should go with something more simple? just want to get some feedbacks on this dress
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i think it's ok to wear to a wedding. evening or day wedding though? it *may* be too much for a day wedding...but it depends. if she likes it then she should wear it.
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its a evening / night wedding
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i think its wearable.
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definitely doable then
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Perfect for an evening wedding but tone down the accessories/shoes worn with it...
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I would certainly wear this to a wedding & I think what the model is wearing (no jewelry & nude shoes) is perfect. The rest of the dress is already attention-grabbing.
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^^ i agree. go bare minimal w the accessories
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