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Fake Paper Denim & Cloth?

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Hey all,

I recently purchased a pair of PDC jeans on ebay, but have yet to receive them. The price was low - about $25.

Here are an identical pair from the same seller:


The only reason I ask, is that the seller is selling Diesels that I am about 90% sure are fake. However, I've yet to see fake PDCs - just too much hand-finishing to fake accurately.

Any word on this seller?
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Never trust denimkingdom!


I don't know if these are fake or not, but I do know that denimkingdom has sold tons of fake Seven for all Mankind jeans in the past. He always claims his goods are real, but they just are NOT. So I'm quite sure these are fake like the rest of the stuff he's selling.

Best regards, Bianca
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Thanks for the reply - at least they only set be back around $35 with shipping.

They look so real in the picture. The only thing that might have happened, is the seller photographed an authentic pair, and will send me a fake pair in the mail.
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