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Slim fit dress shirts question> and yes I did a search>

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Sooo, I have tried on many many dress shirts from Prada to Versace to Theory to Burberry and on and on. I loved the Prada fit and quality but I dont have the cash yet to be dropping $425 per a dress shirt. I have slim cut modern suits and need the shirts to match. I am 6"1" 180 lbs. and wear a size 40r suit. All shirts I try on ballon out (in the back) when tucked in.

From doing the search I know the best bet is prob. MTM shirts but if I want off the rack what are my best options. I am looking to spend under $225 a shirt. I am a 16/34.5 or 41 in Eu. Currently I have a few T. Pink slim fit shirts that fit well but for the quality they are wayyy ovepriced. I also just ordered a few Tyrwhitt shirts, which I know the quality isnt that great but for the price I think there a good buy, I am just waiting to see how the "slim fit" actually fits....
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You can just get some shirts you like altered with some darts in the back at the tailor.
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1. try on a BoO shirt (with the "A" body). maybe even try the "tall" size. i know you prolly can't tuck them in. it's ok....if it fits perfectly everywhere but lengthwise, buy it.

2. find other shirts where you like the fabric, details, style, etc.... these can be had pretty cheap anywhere.
the important things are the sleeve/body length, shoulders, and neck/collar, so make sure they fit there.

3. take the BoO shirt and your others to the tailor and tell them to match the fit in the chest, but don't alter the length (unless you want to wear it untucked). if you want tighter arms or higher armholes (like BoO) then they can do that too.

if you find a good tailor, usually not a tailor that works at a drycleaners, then this will be pretty cheap, maybe 15-40 per shirt depending. i just took 4 shirts to my tailor to match my boo shirt - take in the sides, shorten, and dart - and a pair of jeans to chainstitch and he is charging me $61. easily worth it.
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I only own a couple casual Prada button down shirts, so I'm not sure if the quality on their dress shirts are that much better, but I recently bought a few Hugo Boss black label dress shirts and the fit was damn near exact to what I usually have my seamstress tailor my other dress shirts to. The quality was better than the Prada shirts I have and they only costed around $180.
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I hear Prada is over-priced in terms of quality. Before "slim fit" became a household phrase, it was simply called fitted. Take any ready-made shirt that is your size to a tailor and have it tapered to your body. Use shirt stays to ensure your shirt stays tucked in.
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what i dont understand, is why dont labels/designers just make 'fitted' shirts with no pockets or pleats, that dont ballon out when tucked in and are long enough to stay tucked in and are of decent quality???? it seems like if anyone would do so they would be a hot commodity. From everyone I have talked to, it seems the only solution to the dress shirt problem that many, 'fit' men who want a proper fitting dress shirt, have is to go get MTM or tailor a pre-exisiting shirt. I dont want to do that, i want to go into a store, buy a shirt, go home, put it on and go... why is this so hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

there is my dress shirt rant>>
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It's because the majority of dress shirts are engineered towards the needs of the average American man. This means shirts are cut for bigger bodies and looser because most guys don't want their shirts fitting "tight". Most of the time it's just their gfs trying to dress them up cute who don't know anything about men's fashion or how it's supposed to fit.

I share your pain, and there's my rant..
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if you are looking for shirts to wear exclusively for business with a suit and you want a perfect fit and have over $200 to drop, going with anything other than MTM is just plain silly. i've said this before, but burberry does a great job with MTM shirts and you will be able to get them for less that $225 for sure if you order a few of them.
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Banana republic. No pockets, slim fit, when on sale less than $70. Good summer colors, which I wear year round for work, although I do not have to wear a tie.
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^lol gap?!?!
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Originally Posted by SK Ruination View Post
he said slim fit, not generic american ill-fitting business casual fit
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Try Dolce & Gabbana. My boyfriend loves those shirts, as he has trouble shopping for slimmer cuts due to the demand for too-large clothing in the United States (as he's 6'6'' and 145lbs, so don't worry about the shirt length) - they look great on him. The silkier materials drape well, too. They may be a bit out of the price range of 225 USD, but Neiman's is having a sale right now, so you may find something.
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Originally Posted by Mihalis View Post
he said slim fit, not generic american ill-fitting business casual fit
amazing, by the way.
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I know you wrote "of the rack", but I, like jskidder, don't see the point. try Tailorcut.com - Tailored Custom Made Shirts . I did, and have never purchased a shirt off the rack ever since.
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I like slim, athletic cut dress shirts too, and I've always had the hardest time finding them until I recently discovered ZARA. They make stretch cotton dress shirts for $59.95 that fit incredibly well and feel super comfortable without breaking the bank. I swear by them now, and measure every other dress shirt to that standard of fit. I have since purchased 8 of them and cannot stress enough that you should go try them.
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zara IMO has the best slim fitting shirts and tees. (plain v and crew necks)
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