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Just an UPDATE from me.... xoxox

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(For those who do not know me or my/our current situation please just ignore this thread .. Im sorry to take up space) I just wanted to let those of you who keep in contact with me and send me lovely supportive emails that i am sorry for the delay in responding as i am currently going through alot of medical difficulties and am trying to take care of my health and it takes up alot of time from bed rest to hospitals to doctors etc. However, i feel i owe an explanation as i know some of you are concerned and i do not want anyone to worry!
I am actually fighting harder than ever our of sheer desperation for health for myself and my husband but unfortunately my body (and mind-anxiety can make you v. sick) are having difficulties adapating to increased intake yet again (which we thought OUTSIDE of a hospital environment with a very very slowly increased diet this would not happen) So im currently dealing with 'refeeding syndrome' amoungst a lovely combination of other issues which is just a scary process in which i have to be closely monitored especially my blood pressure which is at a constant low-so i am very busy with apointments and such. I am taking some time off from the gym and trying to relax but unfortunately am very dizzy and cannot look at the screen much so im very behind on emails! As alot of you know, my husband has lupus and takes a few shots a week for his r-arthritus which cost us $1700 a dose (i know, huh..) which is usually mostly covered by our insurance and as we are switching over insurances we cannot get these shots (long story) and so it is very taxing on him (heartbreaking...)and on me to watch helplessly as he struggles to walk, and he clicks and aches... I feel terrible about this and felt like i should make a post so i can let everyone who has emailed me know that i am ok and i apologise for not being able to reply... I am so touched by the emails i get and love you all sooo soo much! You make my heart SMILE!
I feel really akward posting this (big gulp) and have put it off for a while now but i feel i owe it just out of appreciation and respect.. I miss you all! Will be back and posting random sillyness soon! Love Love Love! Zee xo
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Best wishes and best of luck.
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Best of luck to you and Josh at this difficult time
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you two are such a sweet couple. I wish you both the best. keep fighting!!!!!!
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Thank you so much for letting us know what was up with you guys. Best of luck to you both.
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Zee im so glad you have posted, i have been so worried not hearing from you *huge hugs* I really hope you are going to be ok and Josh as well, you are missed a lot by me Im always here for you too if ever you need anything.
Loads of love to you and Josh an i really hope you are gonna get better soon!
MWAH xoxoxoxoxoxox.
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Best of luck with everything...
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Stay Strong Zee
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Try yoga. Saved my life.
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Ah darlin...

I hope you both feel much better soon. We will miss you for the time being
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Nice to see you around Zee, I think of you often.
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Best of luck to you and Josh, whenever you need a pick me up, we will all still be here for you guys

Its unfortunate, its always the best of people, that get afflicted with the worst of things, be strong for each other
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zee as I said elsewhere I just love you and josh so much. I am so sorry you are both having to go through all of this and you know I am here for you with anything you need. You are both in my prayers.
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Zee! I miss you so much! You literally light up the forum when you are around!

I am glad to hear from you, as there are a number of us who have been worried! So sorry to hear that things have been a struggle for you guys. Please take time to care for yourself! Cutup is right; we will be here for you when all is well (and it WILL be)!!!
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I've been wondering where you've been, too. Hang in there Zee & keep your head up!
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zee! we all miss you i hope everything gets better soon

if you need anything, just holler i'm a short drive away lol
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Sorry to hear, hope everything turns out for the best for the both of you !
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I am going to close my eyes, and pray for you and Josh right now.
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Lovin' the Zee! Thanks for the update, I've missed you alot and think of you often. You've persevered through so much already and I have no doubts that you'll suceed in anything you put your mind to. You and Josh are such unselfish people, always thinking of others. I'm so glad you have each other. Plus, you have us too. Be well Zee!
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I am very sorry about your situation Hang in there! My thoughts are with you two.
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hang in there you guys , it will all work out.
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Sorry to hear about your and Josh's ordeal. You guys will get through this, no doubt. My best wishes!
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hips, my thoughts are with you and your husband during this difficult time. hang in there darlin.
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Zee, thank you for writing this, telling us how you both are doing. It takes strenght to pull through all that you have encountered in the past and am in the middle of right now. I'm keeping both of you in my thoughts, and being such a strong couple of individuals, you will pull through, I know you will. All the best!

^^And Ben, yoga really does work
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