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shoe opinion please

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Asking the husband is not much help so i turn to your honest opinion!
I bought these burberry wedges last year however i didnt know they would be too big--see the gap from the back of the shoe and my foot.

Now i really like them and still have not been able to find my size--> is there something i can use to make them fit better? (insoles dont work well because its a sandal) or should i give them up?

Sorry the pictures are not the best-my cat kept trying to attack the ties and i was trying to get a quick picture without her in it.
and in case you are wondering here is a pic of the little one right now looking innocent
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yikes-its so bad no one wants to tell me !!

well anyone interested in a pair of Burberry Wedges?
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first of all, kitten is ADORABLE!!

-- you can get little insoles that are just made for the ball of your foot, they should give you a little lift and stop your toes from sliding forward so much, causing the back to be further away.

They're also really comfy! The ones I have are Dr. Scholls.

sandals are cute too! Hope this solves your problem.
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Those wedges are adorable! Sorry, I don't have any suggestions.
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yeah I have no idea how to fix that but the shoes and kitty meow are cute
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thanks guys!!
2littleapples - i tried the insoles but i have to face the facts and come to the realization that i can't make my feet a size bigger -- damn

good idea though-i'm going to use those for the other sandals

and yes the kitty is cute but naughty
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I think they're cute but it's not worth keeping if they don't fit. You will just be unhappy with how they look/feel and they will be worth less when you finally give up and try to sell it.
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thanks Liz-as always
The inital letting go is hard but i guess it'll be up for sale at HM soon
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