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N & F???

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Just wondering if anyone is familiar with N&F denim. I'm looking at the skinny girl indigos on blue in green. I am looking for a skinny leg pair of jeans that has a similar coloring to that of the PBJ bootcuts I have. I loooove that color. I thought about getting the skinny PBJs for women but I don't want exactly the same thing. I just want a similar wash. They don't even have to be dry.

Are the N&F any good and are they comparable to the look and quality of the pbj denim?

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Nobody has any nekkid and famous???
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Who's nekkid and famous?
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I thought that might draw some attention!

Naked & Famous!

Here they are:


The Dry Denim thread is kinda weird, imo. Not much help.
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Ben (blm14) has a pair, PM him? Or drag him into this thread somehow?
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he also said:
Still no fit pix yet but a few observations:

1) Stretches tons, which seems surprising for this kind of denim.

2) Bleeds like a motherfucker. I wear a tucked-in t under everything and in the past three days I've been wearing them, every shirt has a black ring around where the waistband is from bleeding indigo. I didnt soak because they were so tight at first. I'm gonna have to buy a bunch of crappy white ts to avoid getting dye on my faves

3) Actually seem to get wear pretty fast. 3 days is hardly enough time to really judge but as compared to my oni shoai which has similarly woven material, after three days this already are showing some signs...
here: Naked & Famous Denim - Page 8 - superfuture :: supertalk
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the denim quality will be nowhere near pbj, i can assure you of that.
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I can only speak for the big slub. VERY nice denim but construction not quite as nice. Certainly a good deal for the price!
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Theres a store around me that stocks N&F, and ive tried a few on... their decent, nothing spectacular, but awesome price
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I have that pair. I like them just fine, but I don't know about pbj - they don't want to make big (well ~29) sizes.

I've only worn them a few times, but they did seem to stretch quite a bit. I got the 27s and probably could have gone for a 26.
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Thanks you guys. I got an awesome pm from a gal who has these, too (thanks!!!). I guess the denim on this pair is rather streaky. Not what I am looking for right now.

I am just really into the black/blue look and sheen of the pbjs that I have. Love them, but now I want a skinny leg, too. I feel I deserve them after working (pretty) hard on my bootcuts.

Anyway, please keep me in mind if you think of a pair of skinnies with a similar look to the pbj denim. If I can't find anything, I'm sure I'll break and buy the pbj skinnies, although I don't really want the same thing...
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Did you end up getting those N&F slim raws? Because I was looking at them too and I want to get them but I don't know anything about them. I don't quite understand the sizing on these. Any help would be appreciated. Or if you could forward the PM you got from the other member. Whatever.
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Pee Ess

What size did you get, if you did get them Apryl? They only have larger sizes right now.
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Nah, I didn't end up getting them. They looked a bit too streaky for what I was looking for. They are really cute, though!

Sorry, I am no help!
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The ones I got weren't streaky at all. They were super shiny and dark. For a tts 29, I think a 26 would work, so anyone else that is interested size down 3!
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^^^Are you a guy or a girl? I really want some N&F but I don't like the streakiness either. At least of the particular pair Apryl is talking about.
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Refinery29 Shops :: New :: Skinny Girl Denim Jean

Naked & Famous - skinny girl in indigo stretch - $96.00
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^ These are the same ones on BiG. I love them so much but they are kind of streaky...like Apryl said.
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I was thinking of getting the silk wash. The light color looks really different.
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