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In other's experiences...

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How much does dry denim shrink in length when washed? I have Nudie SSK's and they are so long on me. I fold them under because I think the excessive amount of stacking looks tacky. BUT I also don't want a "fold line crease" when I wash them. Any ideas?
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Nudie are sanforized so they will shrink no more than an inch but again stretches back so...
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Ok because I am thinking of hemming them. They are just too long for me. 33" inseam!!! I am only 5'5"! Should I?
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5'5" and 33" inseam doesn't seem that bad. i say let it stack.
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^I agree with ryan. Is there any way you could show a pic?
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Yeah. I mean I just am not into too much stacking. I like it to barely touch the floor. But if they shrink then I don't want them to be too short. I dunno. But when I let them stack, they hit the ground and they are just going to get all scuffed and torn at the bottoms. They don't stay stacked. They go under my shoe. And it looks stupid. If they were more of a skinny leg rather than straight, they would stack better. But when I wear my Vans with them, they stack good, but they still drag. It drives me nuts and I find myself pulling at the bottoms of my jeans up constantly. So I am thinking I should hem them. My ideal inseam is 30 or 30.5 inches.
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EDIT: I just measured these and they just over 34" inseam...which is ridiculous for me haha.
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oh i thought they were skinny?

if they are going under your shoes, then def. hem them. and 34" is probably pushing it.
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Yeah SSK's aren't aren't really skinny leg considering the bottom of the hems measure 7" I believe. I don't feel like taking my pants off and measureing again. LOL So what do you think I should hem them to? I like 30-30 1/2 inch inseams. Should I do maybe a 32" hem? I mean how much will they really shrink because on selfedge they say they can shrink up to 3 inches...
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they will shrink maybe an inch or less when you wash, pretty much on par with any other sanforized denim. they will lose a lot of length to the honeycombing though as you wear them frequently because of how they will crease and fold up behind your knee.
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wash first and wear them for a bit. the inseam might shrink from the washing and the honeycombs might eat some of the length too.
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Post pics
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I can't wash them because that would completely negate the purpose of raw denim. I can't take a picture at the moment. But I am going to hem them to maybe a size 31.75. That gives me plenty of room for shrinkage. I will post pics soon. But this 34ish inseam is quite ricockulous...yes...I said ricockulous...
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If my ssk's shrink an inch when I finally wash them, I am screwed.
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^you can always control shrinkage if you don't want it to occur. cold wash by hand, no dryer, etc...
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When you DO decide to finally wash them, aren't you supposed to let them air dry? Isn't the washing what shrinks them? And it says 60 degrees. F or C?
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there are no rules. regardless of if they are raw or not or how fancy/expensive they are, its just pants. wash them however you want. you want more shrinking? wash on hot and tumble dry. you want no shrinkage? wash on cold and hang them dry. its not rocket science. we are just talking about pants made of cotton after all.
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^^^right on.
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Don't ever put your dry denim in the dryer if you want the shrinkage to be minimal.

I was so scared that my RRVI was gonna shrink way too much cause the length was perfect from the start but it's still perfect after two washes
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^^^You wore the shit out of those too!

P_A show us pics! You always look good in your outfits, and I'll bet nudies are no exception.
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I have decided I am going to hem them to a 31" inseam. I am also going to keep the original hem, of course. That way, when I wash them, if they DO shrink, they will shrink to a 30" inseam (hopefully) which would be perfect as well. I will not put them in the dryer either.


I am moving back home so I will take pictures once they are hemmed and ready to rock again. I love them. Everyone was right. They actually start looking better on you the more you wear them because they mold to your shape and they are super flattering on. My butt feels more feminine too! I really like them, and I love how they are dying my Mormon roommates white couch blue! (No offense to my LDS HFers...)
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^leave 3 extra inches, not 1. 1" you will likely eventually lose to shrinkage and another 2" will be eaten up by the honeycomb creases that will form behind your knees.

also, it is completely useless to hem raw denim with the original hem. it won't provide any benefit because there is no hem distressing, and it will actually probably end up looking pretty fucked up as the jeans evolve and are eventually washed.
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Ok so I guess I won't hem then? I mean they measure about 34" right now. My ideal inseam is 31". So I guess I should just leave them?

When you wash them, doesn't the stacking relax though? Or are you talking about before you wash it, the stacking shrinks the length? Ah this is frustrating. They are so frickin' long on me. The hems are going to get all trashed if I don't hem them...what should I do?!!
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I wouldn't hem them to perfect length...

If you really want to hem them then chop them off to 32-33"

and yes yes I did Jenn:P
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picsss ;d
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