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Thanks guys! I think I will try some more Thanaz! haha

Afro - I still have them but it's been sitting in my closet since it's a bit too tight...I don't want to sell them though as it's so rare especially in size 27x32!
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Looking good
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Umac - Looking Good man
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Every day is a good day for 71J's.

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I negg people's outfits only extremely rarely. If i like an outfit, i plus it. If i don't, i ignore it. When i look at your shoes and the belt, a negg it totally justified, though.

No offense, gnome...
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*tee* is back?
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the belt should be white instead of creme.. and the buck is too much..

the shoes look like dsquared..are they?
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I'm not a great fan of Slammers but they do look good!!

Keep the pix coming guys!!!
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Looking at the Pix, I think they too short, and I don't see anything wrong with light belt on light wash IMO
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True, there's nothing wrong with wearing a light belt on a light wash, even though most people here only wear brown or black belts; strangeley enough...

But there's something wrong with fugly buckles and belts whose colour looks like a wallpaper after 10 years in a heavy-smoker-household...

IMO ! ( <- I guess i will always add that, as from today )
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I like wearing a white belt with light jeans. I think It looks better than wearing a white belt with dark jeans!

I would like a brown and a black belt though at some point soon!!
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i wear Zathan 71j in W29 how should i go with thanaz 71j? also W29 or size up? (i wear Safado 8AA in W28 if it helps)
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damn UMAC nice fit, I am actually considering trying some Thanaz now
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^^ You haven't yet ?
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Originally Posted by Cez1029 View Post
damn UMAC nice fit, I am actually considering trying some Thanaz now
me too, thanaz 71j makes me hot
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Silizium...post pix of your Zathan 71J please!
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i take some pics tomorrow. but i forewarn you, they are really short
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Don't worry about them being short...just get the pix on!! lol
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Levislad is just going to say, that he isn't interested in the lower parts of your jeans, anyway. I doesn't matter, if they're too short, too long, or just right. Take some pics of your backpockets and he will be very satisfied...
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what are you trying to say Tee?? lol
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here are the fuckers:


i'm still worse 'cause those bastards are 29.5
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they're not too short in my opinion!!! They look good!!! Did you buy the 8KJ's??
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thanks! its ok with the sneaker, but with the boots they feels short. Should i keep them?

no my friend bought the 8KJ's and we already have 3 same pairs ( although i still want them )
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I really want the 8KJ's but can't find them anywhere!! Keep the 71J's!!
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the 8KJ are everywhere here, too bad
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