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About washing denim...???

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I've been wearing my 1st pair of raw denim (Nudie Slimjim Dry Black) for 3 months now...
I've been wearing them almost every day, but due to my job schedule, I only get to wear them in the morning/night.
So I'm prolly not getting the most wear out of it.

Anyway, they're kinda showing some fading here & there & getting wrinkly.
But IDK about the streaks & wiskers yet.

Are the supposed to come out & get more obvious after you wash em?

Also will I screw em up if I wash em too early?

They're kinda getting smelly & nasty... IDK if I should really wait another 3 months to wash em to get maximum "distressed" look according to the instruction.

Sorry, guys... I really don't know how this whole raw denim thing works
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1. there is no such thing as screwing up dry denim. you wash and wear as you please.

2. the longer you go without a wash (and to a lesser extent, a soak), the more contrast you will have when you finally do wash. that said, a wash will really bring out the contrast that already exists in your jeans but is hard to see due to dirt/sweat/excess indigo on the wear areas.

so, it depends on how much initial contrast you want.

if your jeans are stained/dirty and smelly, give them a soak with no soap or agitation, then hang dry. the temp of the water is up to you; hot= shrink, cold= no shrink

if your jeans are just smelly, spray them down with febreeze or put some dryer sheets in the pockets and let them hang outside overnight.
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if they are smelly but not actually "dirty" (as in stained or muddy), you can put them in a plastic bag and throw them in the freezer for 24 hours and that will kill off the bacteria that make them smell.

(or so i've been told)
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with nudies washing too soon can actually be bad because they do not hold indigo very well.
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can anyone confirm killing bacteria by throwing them in the freezer???
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Freezing doesn't kill bacteria just slows the growth or they hibernate. So as soon as they warm back up the stench comes back.
But unless you are going to eat your jeans, it won't kill you.
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I'm a little late on this topic, but keep in mind that the SJDB are famous for being stubborn. Black denim fades differently than indigo denim and if some of Nudie's indigo denim lose a lot of color after a wash, the black one should stay very dark. I would advise you to wash your jeans when they are dirty. If you keep them unwashed for too long, the denim will be weakened and damages more easily.
Oh, and that freezing thing doesn't work. The only way to clean jeans is to wash them. It won't hurt them.
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