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Yeah I was watching those Jakes, James. Thanks, though.

The Jake measurements do seem pretty snug..do I need a 31? The measurements of a size 30 UMC seemed good to me. What size would I need in Dust?
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someone recommend me a leather low top sneaker for around 300 bucks. preferably white. no common projects PLZ

<3 grazie
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wings + horns
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yohji yamamoto pour homme
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James can you post worn pics of your Yohjis?
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i'd have to actually wear them first. they are still in the dust bags.
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put those shits on and post pics! I need to see some dior stackporn with sneaks right about now.
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i wouldn't expect them soon. i'm working late to get shit done before i leave for ny tomorrow and i will be gone until next monday.
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yeah no worries. Have fun in NY.
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Why would you recommend a shoe to someone if you haven't actually experienced wearing it for a good amount of time?
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perhaps because he likes the design and quality/construction? ^_^
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Yohji sneaks fall apart after 2 wears and a hot wash just like all H&M shirts.
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Just trying to find a rationale as to why James hasn't worn his
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ryan I've given up on finding boots man.. all the boots i've bought so far always fit fugly upon arrive in the mail.. do you guys know any store I can walk-in, try and buy nice boots at a reasonable price? i need some nice casual boots bad
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^The best places are boutiques. Not sure if there's a Neiman, Saks or Bloomies near you, but those are your best bets.
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yea we got neiman and saks, but damn a pair of boots from either store might hurt the bank
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fuck shit. i wish these ones were size 7( they're size 9 US). btw they're already sold out.

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^ kubie what brand and how much?
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those are awesome. fake-out laces.
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Originally Posted by omega View Post
^ kubie what brand and how much?
Mihara Yasuhiro racer zip up boots... sold on SuFu for $495
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just got these.

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I see Goldfish!
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picking up these dior's maybe for cheap as fcuk.

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I'd rather have the Goldfish. But damn Cruel, you is a balla.
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