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Originally Posted by ttrshoot View Post

just tell me what you like, and what you dont about them. that is all.
One too many buckles and wrinkly distressed leather isn't my personal favorite.
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yeah i might replace them.
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whats ur price range in the ankle boots?
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id rather not spend more than a grand.
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Originally Posted by jskidder View Post
a quality shoe that is fully-lined in leather with leather insole will not cause odor or much sweating. nor will it be uncomfortable. fine leather naturally controls temperature and does not hold bacteria in like cotton. its actually more sterile than wearing socks.
I'd really like to know where you got this from.
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the first socks ever, were made of animal skin aka leather...they were meant to keep feet warm though, not for much else...as they've evolved they've become more anti-microbial and meant to keep feel either cool, or warm by how they deal with moisture. clean socks are better than none though hygienic reasons... but not wearing socks with leather boots or shoes is going to make those shits smell/sweat, period...please wear socks js..
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leather does not absorb bacteria or odor. only cotton or synthetic materials do. cotton being the worst. if you sweat in leather you are fine. if you sweat in cotton socks the bacteria will live in the fibers and multiply, eventually leading to odor. i would never go sockless in sneakers or any shoe that did not have a leather sole and upper and full leather lining/footbed.

yes, there are some socks that are antimocrobial and some that are moisture wicking and such, but those are athletic socks that shouldn't be worn with lace-up oxfords.
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^I'm wearing leather Moma loafers right now - sockless. I've been wearing them all summer this way and they have absolutely NO bad odor. It's really surprising
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I wore my new Sonora perforated boots without socks the other day. By the end of the day they had stretched out a bit, and it wasn't as snug...but it was damn comfy and cool.
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leather sock or not, you're feet will sweat. but to each his own.
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is jude wearing a suede boot here? I want a pair of boots that i can beat up (or come beat up) like this. Just a great pair to kick around in. Would like to not break bank. Anyone know of pairs like this?

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those aren't suede. they are the basic carpe diem 6-hole boot. and for something like that you will need tol break the bank. as in completely destroy it to the tune of about $1K.
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^ Well i don't want the carpe diem...more so i guess just seeing if anyone knows of any online (or at stores) that are of this general style - a rougher/beat up leather with or without laces.

Even though $1K, they're sick boots
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They're exactly brown calf leather 6-hole boots. i've been lookin' for them in size 40. but i don't even know that will they work w/ my 17.5cm jeans or not? if i can find a pair, i'd wear them w/ thanaz.
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Fuck I need some Dust wash in my life.
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Do you still want a pair of umc in size 29? i just saw a pair of them in size 29 on sufu.
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^I think I need them in 30. If you see any UMC, Dust, or Jakes in 30, let me know
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i also saw a pair of Jakes in size 30 on sufu. but i think you should get both of them. Because the new umc run really big tho.
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those HLS didn't fit, but luckily these were on sale at zappossss-

Ted Baker Ryde (Gun Metal) - Ted Baker Men's Shoes
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those ted bakers are a BIG TIME rip off, even on sale. unless you can score them for about $100, ted baker shoes are a total waste of money. absolute junk quality.
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Kubie, I can't find the Jakes. Link?
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ryan you wont fit in a 30 jake, kubie gimme the link
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there's a 31 on ebay. now, WHERE IS MY 27???
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i payed 86 shipped, SCORE!
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Originally Posted by jskidder View Post
there's a 31 on ebay.
I'm in touch with the seller since two days. Damn, he's a hard nut to crack...
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