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Amazing Boots!

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I am looking for a H by Hudson Yorke strap boots size 9 in US.


Either Beige or black. Does any1 have it? or Any 1 know where I can get them?

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Anybody know how is the sizing on Aldo trainers? I'm usually size 43/UK9/US10 in trainers (converse, diesel etc.). What size I should take in Aldo leather sneakers? TIA

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Looking for men's fur lined boots(simular to the inside of uggs that are casual and available in wide withs. Any suggestions would be grealy appreciated
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I love the tigh high boots from the celine winter collection!

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Yea I'm looking for men's boots though
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Just need some last minute advise before I pull the trigger on one of these pairs of boots. I have been warned off the CHROM HI's due to their apparent lack of quality materials but at 60% off I'm finding it hard to resist. The others are CLARKS GOBY HI's. These probably represent the better value as they are normally £69, but I've found them for £49. I've never owned DIESELS or CLARKS and would appreciate some advice. I realise they are both very different boots but these are the two I like.


DIESEL CHROM HI for £83 (60% off)


CLARKS GOBY HI £49 (30% off)

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I actually pulled the trigger on a pair of chron-zip. Hoping the lug sole will improve quality and they were a steal. -50% on the online store.
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I did the same - should arrive tomorrow.

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Mine not arriving till Thursday. Let me know what they're like!!
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I reckon you are going to love them... ;)

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Well, I liked them a lot but worn twice and...



I got some Chrom Hi at the same time and the first time I tried to put them on the laces snapped.


Top quality...

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Is this hole?
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Yes - a tear that appeared after wearing them twice.

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It's a shame that the diesel makes such

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I've been saying it for ages. The chrom hi are a joke. €250 for boots that are just awful. Flimsy, thin, soft leather and a thin sole that offers no support. They are crap! I got the chron-zip yesterday. They've fitted a lug sole and the suede is slightly thicker and overall it makes a better boot but still I wouldn't pay the €250 asking price. They're barely worth the €110 I paid for them. There are way better boot makers out there. Even Aldo make a great boot at a fraction of the price. Same with h by Hudson and I'm sure lots of guys here could recommend better boots if you're willing to spend that amount of money.
Diesel, shame on you.
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Phukette: You will be pleased to hear that the Chrom Hi were the ones where the lace snapped... the Chron Zip are the ones in the photograph...

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Chron zip are good but still not worth the money. It's just a shame that you spent all that money on such a sub standard product.
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Mine weren't good - torn after wearing twice. They look nice and are comfortable but I have never had shoes that are so sub-standard.

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It's such a shame. You should complain to diesel about them. Making such poor quality items and charging so much for them.
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Done and waiting for a response. It's a shame as I was very pleased with the look and comfort.

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It would be great if you wrote a blog article about quality diesel shoes and show photo

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Hi guys, could you please tell me if i have  this Lounge sneakers in size 10.5 US / 44 EUR ,



should i pick the same size on these as well ? (they are High Speed Absolute) :


I should say that i`m usually 10 US / 43 EUR on dress shoes and other sneakers (exposure, high top) but the Lounge sneakers would fit me very tight so i needed to size up 1.  What about the High Speed Absolute ?


Thanks for any thoughts.

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Hi, looking for a pair of brown leather boots to wear with my Diesel Safado's, a similar shape and style but lower price tag of the Diesel Onward boots below. Suggestions greatly appreciated! 


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