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^ most questioned for boots I own. Unfortunately the ssense links don't work anymore:




no, they still work.


Energie Nastur boot. From 2007 or 2008? easily the best cap toe I own. worn pics:







quality isn't that bad on these as you might think for Energie footwear.


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Originally Posted by tricky View Post

What are those brown boots on 1st and 3nd to the left on the highest row?

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I'll make it a little easier :-)



Diesel Guerrero, Diesel Fred, PS Yorks, Augusta Thermic, NDC Sandro, CCP SAFE
Diesel Gueno, Energie Nastur, Ann D Scamosciato, W+H perf, CP Courts,
Diesel Zolkin, Diesel Psyke, Diesel Psyke, W+H perf low, PF Flyers,
Diesel Humphrey, Diesel Humphrey, Sixty, NDC





+ alt view:


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Originally Posted by sand_dolphin2 View Post

Hi guys,


I need proxy service on this DIESEL's Signature suede black one on EU43





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Love both pairs of NDC

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Thanks Tricky.  I just purchased a pair of Varvatos Convertible boots last night.

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What do you ware with your Lanvin sneaker? Do you like  nylon or rag? What color?

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Hi there,

does anybody know which season did this D&G shearing boots come out?


sold out from ASOS though, still searching for this pairs.


thank you! 


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ferragamos! You'll find anything you want. They'll change you life.

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Chukka 1.pngChukka 2.png


Does anyone know what boots these are?

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Tricky -> What a nice collection! Very jealous.


I am still considering my next purchase and you could truly be a help if you could post a fit picture of the Augusta Thermic and NDC Sandro



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I'm planing to take a new pic of the collection. will come sooner or later.







really not the best pics, but the only ones I can provide quick.



the Sandros are already sold. they hurted my feet too much. but great boots, especially with slim fit jeans. only fit pic that I have of them:






no full shot, sorry

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Sorry for late reply, but thanks a lot Tricky!


They are both beautiful boots, but for my needs i am afraid - after seeing picture - that they are a bit bigger than they looked at the lineup.


It would without a doubt help ALOT others (my self included) if you actually took the time and snapped pictures of your entire collection, but please remember to post both tucked and non-tucked pictures.



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Originally Posted by Brad View Post


Does anyone know what boots these are?

I have a guess now. I think these boots are the Nice Collective Army boots:





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omg...people are laying down so much $$ on shoes! i rarely buy expensive and never pay retail..

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I took some advice and added to my collection and got rid of some things. here is the updated pic:


Boots: Clarks Wallabee Chukka, Kenneth Cole Foot Note, Steve Madden Thomson Booties, Clarks Bushacre Chukka, Pellenera Chukka, Guess Alexi Chukka

Dress: Frye Manny Loafers, Cole Haan Penny Loafers, Sperry Navigator Driver, Cole Haan Pebbled Loafers

Casual:  Steve Madden Francoo, Vans Lopros, Converse All Star Leather Sneakes, Diesel Freegood

Sandals: Diesel Splish, Sperry Topsider, Diesel Seaside

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What is your opinion of the converse slim thin sole) versus regular chucks to wear with diesels,7's, etc.?

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i think they go best Diesel Safado, Larkee, Viker, etc., For 7 FAM I will wear them with standard or slimmy's. I don't wear bootcut anything with them because they are so thin it looks a little weird.

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Thanks-I have some zafs and rabox-what sneakers look better than the converse slim with these boot cut jeans?

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I really would wear boots with bootcut

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Any of you guys know what boots are seen here?




Or perhaps something similar.


Thanks alot again!

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:) carpe diem?

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Originally Posted by zdenal_cz View Post

:) carpe diem?

Thanks! Exactly what member Evil Sushi also told me (after i posted it) by PM... A shame, those are quite expensive and hard to come by... But again, thanks!

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looking for these boots, they are G-star raw...anyone know where i might stumble upon them?





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Originally Posted by lkomarci View Post

looking for these boots, they are G-star raw...anyone know where i might stumble upon them?





those are G-star M.I. Garners, not avalible at dealers anymore, try ebay;





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