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You are right thats why I used terms like normally and usually. A lot of my cheaper items surprised me in various dimensions of the spectrum of quality, be it longevity, design, material or whatever. But most of the times, cheaper means a trade off in at least one of those dimensions. E.g. taking the original Bundeswehr trainer into consideration those are really nice concerning design and longevity, but materials are a trade off when comparing to e.g. Margielas.
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What are people thoguhts about RO trainers? Strictly opinion I am not going to cop. I am just curious about people feeling about them?



I personally like them.  Would never be pull them off but I think they are fucking dope. 











but require mad steez to pull off




Snapshot 2010-06-03 08-04-23.tiff





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they're dope to look at, but i've never liked how they look worn.

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^^Can work with some outfits. But I am not a fan of either the trainers nor the outfits they work with.

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To me, they are just heinous in every way. 

I'm just allergic to thick soles and those are just fucking huge.

The curved front part also is a no go for me.


Maybe with a thinner sole they could work...maybe... but for now it's 1000xNO.


I'm looking for cp's but I still don't know if I will still like them once worn...

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Thats how I felt when i first set sight on them, but now I am really diggin them.  

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agree with saddock on the thick sole...

and i also dont like the "nike-like" stripes of some pairs.

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Dont go that way...


^^CPs are the shit, along with Margiela the best understatement you can get with trainers/sneakers. Buy some already before copping more Diorz.

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lol, I think you misunderstood what I meant. I am not going to cop the RO's.  



I am still deliberating about buying trainers. I already have to many shoes to justify another pair. Granted none are trainers but I think more in love with how they look on others.  I like the courts and low top achilles but I am not sure if they are really my style. 





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yes / no



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I'm with Ben. No.

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Hey does anybody here own a pair of the YSL rollings sneakers? How do they fit? Hows the quality? in your opinion are they worth the money.

I wear converse chucks in- 8

john varvatos converse in 8.5

nike 9

vans 9


what size would I have to get for these? 42 or 41? Please help out.

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I don't own any Rollings but here is what I have read:


1. Fit = pretty TTS.

2. Quality = not that great. The sole is glued on... that should be enough to tell you about quality.

3. Worth the money = IMO no. There are a lot of better shoes out there, quality-wise and aesthetic-wise, in that price range. YSL sneakers have a great silhouette, but from the sounds of it, they won't last long enough to justify spending ~$300 on compared to the many other options.

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interesting. any opinions on what shoes are a better buy that has the same style as these?

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Just picked these Monk's up as an alternative to my basic black Florsheim dress shoes; I believe they are '06-'07ish but got an awesome deal and they're NWB:



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Only for summer? Lol





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estimated value $200?








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 no pics no happen!!

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plz let me know Asicks shoes Shailene Woodley has...



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I bought these diesel boots off of Ssense.com , I kind of have wide feet so are they alright for me? Also I read earlier about Diesel's boot quality, are these known for any sole problems?



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almost DIESEL's soul liken stitch is fake.


 DIESEL.jp stuff agree w/t my comments.


 and stuff, and HF members give me good advice

 u can buy this paira, and u can make real stitch on "shoes repair shop".


 in japan $50, not so cheap ...




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Does anybody know where to get zippered Chuck's like these? Possibly for below $100 shipped to USA???

I know it's lame, but I've always been & I'm still into Chuck's...

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sneaker w/t zip is so cool imo!!



i like it



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