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I am going to try to do a meet up so I can see them/try them on in person before I commit to copping.
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another thing, for some reason I can't picture you in white sneakers, or any sneakers with a similar silhouette. I don't think it suits your style or frame honestly.
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I myself would never consider wearing white sneaker, but these are dirty and scuffed up giving them more of an off white tone and I like the profile a lot, actually. But you do have a point.
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So i watched PS's boots , but lost that.

 but my search engine let me know this .

 before check seller's name, i find this is yours.
 some pics are broken link...
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lol, it was a brutal winter.
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those yorks went for a great price for a new pair. should have bid higher, sand.
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Yeah they did. You really dropped the ball there.
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so, PS boots was end "before end time"..
at the start time,
 i ask seller buying it now price, then he ask me 160GBP.

 so high price for me then i watched ....
 but end that 6 hours before... some one had payed 160GBP or more...

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what are those hi tops gray with black laces and white sole..??
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can't focus my mind on the shoes, my eye is caught by something else
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nice legs
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^^^ Those are ... uhm let me think

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lol, that's miley cyrus.
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Got those today :

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very nice, and the price you paid...ridiculous!
if the sweater is H&M, I have it as well
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Yep, H&M sweater ahaha ^^

BTW, did you had the chance to try on some Lanvin high tops so you can give me your size, maybe "I can has" something for you next time.
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no I hadn't...
what's your size in Lanvin?
I'm 42 in CP's, if sizing is similar I'd be one size bigger than yours

...and some dress shoes just like yours would work as well
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Mine are UK 8, EU 42...was afraid that they could run big as they are made in Italy (like the diors) but they are fine.

I'm going to send you a PM...
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I love the shoes as well as the fit, Saddy, perfect.
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^^^^ +1 for "can has", I forgot that one hahahaha
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where can i find a shoe with this same silhouette but in matte black?

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too expensive sand
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Those black oxfords are beautiful.
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thx . i try to find PS's york not suede(rather) boot w/t belt under $200.
u r great adviser...( so all HF members same )

but i'm bad students.
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