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Nevermind, I found it.
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^are you going to cop?
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Hmm...thinking about it, price is good.

Seriously, I'm stuck on ssense at the checkout page, really pisses me off to pay 50$ of shipping :/
278$ was fine but 328$ it's a little bit too much :/ but I want those bad (the grey mid)

I tried to post on sufu, I can log, but can't post, seems that my account has not been activated/confirmed by sbdy. I never received any email to tell me that my account was OK.

Darkknight, can you plz, contact the guy for the CP perforated and ask him how much would it be shipped to france? thx
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Man that's a lot of money for some CPs
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^werd? $220 or $328? and how much did you get yours for?

@saddock, I contacted him, will let you know.
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When I check on ssense, the CP high tops are running out fast at full price.

The mid are sold out also, just some 45 left.

Dark -> thx
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Originally Posted by sh0ebox View Post
Man that's a lot of money for some CPs
Glad you're always there to bring us to our senses.

I want a pair of CP's as well, but not spending over 200.
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I'm pretty much in the same boat. CPs are definitely great shoes and they are good quality (my grey mids are some of the sturdiest sneakers I've ever worn lol) but I still don't think they're nice enough to warrant such high retail price tags. I paid $175 for my grey mids and that's probably about as much as I'd spend, unless I happened upon some army mids... which I would pay over $200 for probably haha.

@dk - I paid $175 for my grey mid achilles (lightly used) and essentially paid $0 for my black patent low achilles (actually paid $100 but bought white court mids at the same time and ended up selling those off which paid for the black ones).

The guy with the white perforated achilles mids wanted to trade me some stuff for my nightfalls and those were included in his offer, but I couldn't justify the price for white achilles. Even perforated, which is a bit more unique, the shoes are just too generic and in a generic color for me to spend that much money on. Not to mention I already have my white w+h sneakers which I like a lot more (stylistically unique compared to the CPs)
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I dunno man, I think up to $250 for cp's is good. I copped a pair of diors for more than that and was disgusted by the quality compared to the cp's.

@saddock, check your pm.
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haha well I guess it just depends on the color and style of the shoe. For example, in my case I feel that Achilles are too Stan Smith-like, especially in colors like white or black smooth leather, to pay that much for. I prefer the shape of courts to the shape of achilles if I were to choose one of those colors. I think the grey colors are "worth" a little more because it's harder to find shoes in that color with such a simple design. And the achilles highs in army or grey or whatever (suede/leather) are worth the price tag because they're much more unique IMO.

That being said, I think up to $250 is reasonable if the shoe isn't a plain white or black achilles (especially the lows... I wouldn't even pay $150 for the lows in white or black honestly), but $300+ is a lot to ask for pretty much any of the shoes.
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I love those w+h sneaks, but they're too hard to find for me in black. I'm actually the opposite when it comes to cp's. I pay more for the simple pairs than the unique ones. this is prolly due to the fact that I prefer boots which are pretty simple as well. the only unique shoes I would really spend money on are lanvins.
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When I say unique, I mean that they aren't easily confused with "that $60 pair of adidas they sell at nearly every shoe store" haha. I like that they have details, but not too many. They still retain the simple look that CPs are well known for, but offer more than a "blank canvas" to look at.

A lot of Lanvins, IMO, are on the opposite end of the spectrum. Most of their sneakers are outlandishly put together and have lots and lots of colors/materials that really make them stand out from the crowd. I used to really like them but I've since grown away from them. I handled a pair once, and boy were they heavy haha.
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I've only worn my pair out twice, but seeing ryan's pics gave me a boner.

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Does anybody have experience with Gravis sneakers?
Are they normally true to size?

Originally Posted by darkknight View Post
I've only worn my pair out twice, but seeing ryan's pics gave me a boner
Like em.
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I love my Sandro's. And I will probably cop a pair in black or gray once I find a pair in 42.

However, at the moment I am on a quest to find these bad boys.

I know I have a long and arduous journey ahead of me since they were released in 08. But any help in finding them in a 42 would be greatly appreciated.

I also like the white Margiela's, but not enough to justify paying retail.

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^ Do they have to be the Dior german army sneakers? If you just want GA inspired sneakers and open up your options, you should have a much greater chance of finding what you want... because most of the german army sneakers look very similar IMO.
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Doesn't have to be Dior. I just like their colorway.
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I like the 2nd pair, but there so much flash on that site I feel a siezure coming on .
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Originally Posted by Cez1029 View Post
lolol, wtf is this shit? looks like it threw up on itself.
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It is supposed look like that. The paint will break and peel off over time and expose the leather. It's a process similar to breaking raw denim.
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Originally Posted by darkknight View Post
I bet you'd like em if they were black
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haha, I don't see the point of breaking in shows. like what type of fades are trying to get? lol.
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