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The Boots and Shoes thread (w/ PICS) - Page 47

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^^ Hell man, the pair I showed is on sale from 125 to 35. Practically a bargain. So I asked if anyone here likes them !! thats all.
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No! lol...

That's still 70 bucks...too much IMO.
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^ross: would you wear em if the were 1$ ?

I assume no, so it has nothing to do with the price. They are just ugly.
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^^ Ross is the last person you wanna hear advice from in this thread !! Trust me

I could still listen to tee in here, but not Ross.
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^ You meant second to last...
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That reminds me, that only few people on here actually post fits.
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Zodiac, stop bringin up shit from the past about ross' shoes. MY tastes in shoes have changed based on other things I wear and I would surmise that almost everyone's tastes change over time, so I wouldn't expect that ross' will remain the same. Saying that stuff over and over just makes you look like a whiny bitch.
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^^ Oh and now you just being a hypocrite.... and you saying that I still wear my jeans over sized doesnt ?? who's whiny b*tch. Before you judge look in a mirror.

I just said that I wouldnt take an advice from ross in this section thats all. He might changed his whole wardrobe. I wouldn't care.
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Why do you guys always have to squabble ?
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^ Dude, that was a FUCKING JOKE... Here it is again, reread it... I am no hypocrite, you just misunderstood English.

Originally Posted by biodiesel View Post
^You've only been here a year... what have you done besides post oversized Thanaz fits?

In all seriousness...
Zodiac, I think that program is over; you will have to ask CUTUP if it is actually running. And if 3-4 people get Pro membership every month, everyone will end up Pro by May anyhow. lol
You wear your Thanaz oversized and saggy... you like the look so that's all that matters, right?

FYI... there was a smiling face after I said it and after that I said... "In all seriousness" which means that what I said before "in all seriousness" was a JOKE lol.

joke definition | Dictionary.com
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^^ Bio : I got nothing against you man, I don't wanna argument in here or any other threads. Was it a joke or not I don't care, but you keep bringing that up, thats all.
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lol. I've mentioned it once on this forum and it was in that thread as far as I can recall, you must be thinkin about other people telling you about it.

The other time it was in PM.

Anyways... buy the Diesel shoes for 35 quid... It would go nice with Thanaz 31Q. !!!
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Edited by captplanet24 - 5/15/13 at 9:55am
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Originally Posted by captplanet24 View Post
lookin' for some new shoes. i have big feet. thoughts?

Amazon.com: Mark Nason Garrick Crackled Leather Boot: Shoes

Amazon.com: Hugo Boss Baldo Distressed Oxford: Shoes

pretty new to the shoe game, all i know is that i need something in 13.

no way....you're lucky you're 13....here you go (and don't post mark nason man)

buy these now N.D.C. MADE BY HAND Men - Footwear - Ankle boots N.D.C. MADE BY HAND on THECORNER.COM

price is crazy...i paid $500 for them in brown
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Without looking at those two links, I would say no. Mark nason is kind of a costume shoe maker...I have never seen anything from him that is compelling in the least. And I doubt the quality of those boss shoes is anything to write home about.

Zodiac, that line is getting old. I have only posted shoe fits a few times here, and the only shoes that got bashed were my diesel slip on loafers. But ever since then, you and mihalis haven't left my alone about it. But at least you actually post your shoes, unlike him.
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^^ jeez man, you bashing me over my over sized jeans and I bash you over you shoe choice, or your tops. Besides I post in here just to see what people think thats all. I'm not even buying them. We worth each other ! .
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Diesel "Onward" Boots. Black Gold Collection !

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^ sneaker laces on a boot? wtf?
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after i posted that i thought about the Ann D laces - works on the Ann - not the Diesel IMHO
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i've got a pair of jil sander x church's dress shoes with sneaker laces too...personally i like the sneaker laces with dressier shoes...i'm not a big fan of that boot either though
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do you guys have a recommendation for a pair of dressier shoes that can go with a blue or charcoal suit? i really liked the NDC stuff but i'm not sure if they'll go well with a suit. thanks!
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you need to be more specific about what you are looking for besides "a pair of dressier shoes" in order to get valuable recommendations.
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i was looking for recommendation based on style mostly so please disregard the color:




what do you guys think?
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