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Care Tags

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I bought a pair of sfam off a good seller on ebay..(i bought a pair from her before).

These pants look and feel very authentic.
i bought them for a fair price too...not far from retail.
I even looked up characteristics of fakes and found nothing...except...
the only flaw is that the large care tag is at the back.

is there ANY possible way that this pair can be authentic???
They really do look and feel real..
the wash and distress of the jeans are amazing.

i'm hoping for the best
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Nope. An authentic pair ALWAYS has the large label in the middle, first the small red size lable, then the large tag with style- and cut-nr., last the middle sized tag with "7 for all mankind" on it. Even if all other features of these jeans look correct - they simply aren't authentic. Sorry!

Best regards, Bianca
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