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KMW made in China?

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I saw some KMW's that were made in china on a major denim online retailer and I was wondering what the deal was with that? Doesn't that go against their philosophy? Does anyone here own a pair? Thanks.
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I own two pairs. They're nice and run a bit bigger than the newer made in japan ones.

The made in china ones are just older.
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Other than the size are there any noticeable quality differences? Oh and thanks you have been very helpful!
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The quality is all there whether they're made in China or Japan, although the heavy marketing is for the Japanese ones.  One major difference is the China-made ones (older 2007? stock) are softer as the 1980 was a washed version, whereas the current Japanese made ones are harder / raw.  The owner is a very cool down-to-earth lady; very genuine, answers emails and makes great denim products.  Fan for life.

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it would be interesting to see how much more it costs to make a pair of jeans in Japan vs. in China.  I bet its considerably more expensive.

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from where in california i can buy this jeans

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from where in california i can buy this jeans

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