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How do I put pictures up on the forum?

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Add one of your pictures to the forum by using imageshack.

1. go to ImageShack® - Hosting

2. pick a 500pixel wide file to upload. or if its bigger than 500 pixels be sure to resize image to 320x240

3. copy and paste the DirectLink to Image link into the HF

4. put the image tags around the sides of the code. and post!

super secret short cut
if you paste a image location, you can highlight it and then click the button. on most browsers it will automatically put the image code around it for you. woot.
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also check out this guide on how i use my mac to put a lot of images up online.
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i use Picamatic
it's much easier and faster for posting images to a forum, and there's no annoying ad-flickers there, no ads at all!
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I use photobucket or tinypic, works great too
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Can someone give me the 1, 2, 3 steps to post a photo using a mac? My photos are already sized and on a server. Do I just paste the URL, what is the script that i use? HELP!
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Hey, just either upload your photos onto photobucket.com or tinypic.com and then copy and paste the URL with the IMG next to it if you paste that link on the forum the photos will show up
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hmmm, can't i just paste the URL from the image server that I use for ebay? I tried to send the link to you but not sure if I can do that as a lite member? it wouldn't let me post it. Sorry, i'm better about posting images than i am with these boards!
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which neither are very good, i'm afraid! ha ha!
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just put a [IMG] before the link and a [/IMG] after the link to make the picture show up.

so it woud look like [IMG]http://benedict.isomedia.com/homes/daryl/TrueReligionFakes/DSCF5762.JPG[/IMG ] - extra space added at the last IMG just so you can see what it looks like
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Like this, i hope! thank goodness for cut and paste! the jeans on the left are my real ones, the blue paint ones are the ones i'm on my vendetta about!!! [IMG]http://benedict.isomedia.com/homes/daryl/TrueReligionFakes/DSCF5764.JPG[/IMG ]
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well, not working too well. i guess i can just put the link in my post. it does work. thank you for your help, all! i'll work on it more later. i have 5 days left to get this faxed to paypal. THIS is what happens when you don't authenticate your jeans BEFORE you buy them, yuk, yuk! You get a nasty seller that won't refund you AT ALL!
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yeh you can just put the link, or if you have any problems you can email or pm me and i can help you upload them and put them in your post, but links are just fine too
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you arent doing it right, if you right click the photo on ebay and click view image then copy that URL and put the IMG quotes before it it should work. or save those photos and upload them on a image hosting, thats the only way its gonna work.
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What server do you use? are you using aol? i know that has some problems with just putting the IMG quotes but if you save and upload them it works
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do these work when you click on them? they work okay on my end. I have also posted them on the TR forum, under Paypal Dispute thread.
let me try this, too:
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Yay! it helped to move the space out of there that YOU TOLD ME YOU ADDED!!!!!
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cool! Looks like you got it now
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Im glad you have it fixed now also u see that little box in your reply box its yellow with a grey mountain and sun, if u click that and paste a normal link of a pictur in there an press ok it works
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Sorry wrong thread!
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^ what does that mean?
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