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Authentic Seller

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I think it would be a good idea to list all authentic sellers of diesel goods. On this forum. Perhaps then people could buy with more confidence and it would reward those honest sellers with more business.
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I just ordered a Zathan 82H from Dieselofmiami, I'll let you know how they look like when they arrive...
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I have made a couple of purchases in the last month.

One from bigdane25 who actually referred this site in his item description.

I have recieved the Diesel Ravix Jeans and can confirm they are 100%authentic. Having checked for the microstitching and numbers above the indians head on the label.

I have also ordered from berunte. This seller has really impressed me. I ask for more photos of the jeans and especially close ups of the label for microstitching etc. He was very accommodating and responded quickly with some great photos. I have not recieved the jeans yet but I am extremely confident they are genuine. He has many of the new styles too which is usually an indicator they are real as the copies are probably not made yet.

I will let you know when I recieve them
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brought some rumbum 796's from italiandepot, 100% authentic
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Just received the jeans; within 4 days across the ocean, thats fast!

Jeans are authentic as stated, first jeans of 3 that were authentic.

But I just noticed that dieselofmiami increased prices with $ 10,- for most models.

Tip for european buyers: ask to mark package as a gift of low value in order to avoid customs.
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Just recieved my jeans from Berunte and they are 100% authentic. Really impressed by this seller and would recommend him to everyone. He had a really good selection of winter 2004 styles too. I got lemmen 772 in a 30 leg nearly impossible to get anywhere. Furthermore I recieved the jeans in about 4 days from the US to the UK that is impressive.
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