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Help with my next pair...

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So im about 6 1/2 months into my Nudie RRDSs, and i'm anticipating a wash in about a month. Right now, im trying to decide what my next pair of raws will be. Anyone have any suggestions. Im looking for a straight leg with a mid to low rise, thats fairly slim through the thigh (i have muscular legs). For reference, my RRDSs fit me about right (a little slimmer may be desired). Im looking to spend anywhere upwards of 300 dollars.

Right now im looking at:

Skull 50-10xx 6x6
Flathead F310
Pure Blue Japan XX-005Samurai S0110XJ

Really leaning towards either the Flatheads or the PBJ's.... But to tell you the truth, i've never tried any of them on. All i know as that they are all quality japanese selvage denim.

ANY HELP!?!? Thanks.
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all of those except the samurai will be a MUCH slimmer fit than the ralfs you have. all are good choices and fit fairly similar though. sams are good too but not a super slim cut like the others.
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hmmm... i wasnt aware that the first 3 were really slim, just on the slimmer side. maybe i should opt for the samurai's instead. but like you said, i really cant go wrong with any of these. the sams and pbj's are available on blueingreen, so maybe ill shoot gordon and e-mail and see what he thinks.

as always, thanks for the help jskid.
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well, the skulls are bordering on being a skinny jean. the flatheads and pbj are brutally slim in the waist/hip/thigh area but are straight legs so not as slim as the skulls below the knee. if you don't want tight pants the sams are the only choice. if you want to try a slim jean though, all are good.
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after 6 months, and a wash, is when the RRDS will really start to look cool, unless you already wore the hell out of em and have a strong lap fade and creases. I stay stick with them.

thats the tricky thing with those brands you mentioned, hardly any physical stores have em, its a gamble to buy and try and find out it doesn't fit you.
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i was in the same position as you not too long ago and i chose the FH310. They are pretty nice jeans minus the zipper fly

2nd on my list would be the PBJs.....nice fit and quality denim. They will probably be my next raw denim

I also really like the skulls 6x6 raw, but from what ve heard, theyre a nightmare on the hips.
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