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Anyone like/own Treesje?

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I'm totally lemming the Asher in Citrus. The blue is very nice as well.
I saw some girl at Toast carrying one and fell in love. The leather is so soft and smooshy, I saw one in white at Saks but really would LOVE the yellow. I remember looking at their gardenia bag since it was on sale at Nords last season.

I love the Magnolia style as well but I think it only comes in patent black and cream this season... I hate patent!

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I love yellow bags! These are super cute! Too bad it doesn't come in a nice green color.
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I loveee the yellow too but it's back ordered until end of July!
It's a awesome summer bag but by then we'd be approaching fall...
I was thinking of getting this one and the blue asher instead to console myself

Should I wait for the Yellow (already have it preordered)
Or just splurge for the Cream and Blue since they're both neutral colors anyway...
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OMG so I ordered the blue from Kitson's
CALLED this morning to check on my order to make sure they had it and would send me the RIGHT one cus a member of tPF said she got sent the grande by accident TWICE! The rep assured me it was in stock.

So guess what email I get eod today... SORRY WE ARE OUT OF STOCK.
F*kkers. I hate Kitson's. I hate shopping at that store. I hate how snooty they are. I hate their horrible website. HATE!!!
I want my bag damnit ;(
Now they really don't have the yellow or blue anywhere.

so sad ;(
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Here you go sweetie:

Luna Boston | Asher Satchel Details

Good luck!
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wow, those bags are really cute!!!!
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