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Suns R Us website - legit sunglasses store?

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Hey, do any of you know whether Suns R Us - Authentic Designer Eyewear is a legitimate online store? The prices on their sunglasses are really good... but the site seems kinda amateur and well... sketchy.

What do u think... would you guys trust it?
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I feel the same after my experience with this store.  I tried calling during normal business hours and the phone just rang and rang. No answering machine or service. That's the first clue, to me, of an internet storefront business.

Ordered what I thought were the same frames I currently own as a backup should mine break.  I got them and the appearance was different (different earpiece design). When I finally got a hold of someone I was told that "can be just an update of the same model ".  I took them to an optometrist and was told that my lenses would not fit in the opening.  Why would the manufacturer update the frames so the lenses no longer fit? Doesn't make sense for them to do that. Once they make a change like that, they become a new style of frame.  Lenses are specifically cut to fit frames and I know that the information I provided them was for my frames.

I am now being charged a 20% restocking fee. I let them know that it's not right. It's their policy was what I've been told. You can assume that they are ordering them elsewhere, maybe China. With all of the frame knockoffs out there, you can't be too careful.

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I recently bough a pair of Lacoste Eyeglasses from SunsRUs (jan 2011). The price was so good that I took a chance with the lenses with them. The frame seemed legit. My optician thought it was real and I'm pretty sure it is. The only down side was the lenses. They were so cheap that I had to buy new ones. My optician run some test and told me the correction factor was good but that is. He told me that if he had received these lenses from his supplier it would go straight back.


Bottom line, Frame is good. Lenses are crap. And website is ugly as hell.

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Hello there


I just bought Timex eyeglasses from sunsrus (12/11/11). The eyeglasses look the same as the original I am assuming they are originals, and the price was half from a local store.  I got the eg after 2 weeks, I got scared and called cust serv twice and both time I got a person in less then 2 min.  So no the best website but it worked excellent for me.

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