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Keeping these; Trying to decide if I should get them hemmed [pics]

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Attn Mod:This looks like it might be better placed in "Fashion Fashion"

In looking at pictures of people modeling one wash and raw jeans, they often look strange around the butt and around on the front. Is this because the jeans are rigid? Will they lose this look after wearing?

I recently purchased some one wash denim. I'm not a big fan of how they look right now in the front, will they look better and shape to my body more as the material softens? I've had difficulty finding jeans that fit, as I have muscular thighs. This has ruled out a lot of other jeans that I have been interested in, as many are cut slim in the thigh.

Without flash to show the actual color:

The sweater doesn't fit so well (recent weight loss)

The material bunched up on my leg in this picture, it looks pretty goofy:

Are they too long?
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actually, i changed my mind, hence the complete editing of this thing.

are those jeans really raw then? one wash jeans (like the diesel 88z wash) will not really fade because of some technical factors i don't remember. if you intent is to fade them, then you should get some real raw jeans- APC New Standards are probably a great option, and not too expensive.

Initially tight raw jeans will stretch out to conform to the wearer's body the more they are worn. I've found in general that the softer denim is or becomes, the better the fit and "draping" if you can call it that- (maybe movement?)

Anyway, my suggestion is to get some APC NS in a much smaller size than those (probably 2 sizes down ), let them stretch to fit your body, don't wash them for as long as you can and hope you don't get too many other pairs of jeans in between to wear them out

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They're a raw jean washed once.

"One-wash denim has been washed or rinsed once after the garment is constructed. Losing it’s starching and shrinking down to the proper size, these garments are in essence pre-shrunk."

And from the Raw Denim Guide 411 post by anuish143:
"One wash has many characteristics of raw denim. Raw denim comes untreated and unwashed while a one wash denim could used to be raw but have been washed once and shrunk. One-wash denim is typically referring to raw denim that has been washed one time before being sold in order to eliminate the shrinkage and the need for a soak once purchased. Also, it will still fade exactly like any other raws."
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they will definitely form to your body after about a month of wear. they will also soften up and the stacking will settle in, and as whiskers form in the lap they will look more natural. all stiff raw denim fits strange when new.
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^Ok, sounds good then. I've heard one-wash used to refer to different kinds of denim, so of them not very "raw."

In that case, I still think you should at least size down. All denim will stretch, and I haven't seem raws get very good fades unless they're at least somewhat fitted.
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Wow you must have spent a pretty-penny on those

You can cuff them or hem and that will make the leg shape a little more normal looking, or you can let them bunch and stack and eventually they'll settle anyways. I think that fit looks pretty good, especially from the back
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I need some clothes to wear with them. I haven't worn jeans this dark before. Well, that and most of my clothes don't fit. I'm not too concerned with fading right now. I have a couple other lightly distressed and washed jeans. And like blm14 said, they were a pretty penny, so I plan on keeping them for quite awhile. I probably would have went with a different jean if I was looking for quicker fading.

Yea, I really liked how they looked from the back. I'll have to look at some pictures of jeans that have been broken in to see how the material stacks up around the lower leg. I don't know if I want to get them hemmed. I don't even know what length looks good on me. My other pairs of jeans are a bit on the long side.

Should I get them hemmed?
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i would give them a month or so of daily wear before deciding if you should hem or not. as mentioned, the stacking will settle a lot as the denim softens. and as honeycomb creases form behind your knees you will also lose a good inch or more of inseam from that.
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the leg opening is too big for the stacks to look good imo, id hem a little
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