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i really like tee....he was nice...my favorite german.
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*Tee* unbanned!

Roland Loden of Germany > *Tee*
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this tee kid was a joke.
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Well, you'll all know that he'll come back in less than a month under a new ( or maybe 2 - 3 ) username.

List is getting long though.. NAV, Peter, Tee, Mario, what else ?

Please, just ban the next person who get to 1000 posts after 1 month and give this simple reason : GET A LIFE !
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Well this is lame...The HF-Chat section just became a even bigger ghost town...
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tee told me he was an inuit.
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New users today:

chrismark (1 Posts), dshack (0 Posts), maddy211 (0 Posts),

Place your bets on which is a Tee/NAV/Mario alias
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Tee is not NAV. I am sure of that. I don't care if no one believes me. I'm sure "someone" will come in here and infer that I am senile.
Don't care.
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Originally Posted by begret View Post
Tee is not NAV. I am sure of that. I don't care if no one believes me. I'm sure "someone" will come in here and infer that I am senile.
Don't care.
miz b i totally do not think tee was/is nav.

nope. just not true.
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Originally Posted by barbie_az View Post
miz b i totally do not think tee was/is nav.

nope. just not true.
I doubt it was NAV also. I just didn't expect to wake up and find out he was banned
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Thanks, miz f, you know I just don't come out and say stuff without thinking about it.

I do believe Tee is just Tee, he has many ladyfriends at university so why not a friend opening an account on his computer? I opened my HF account on my husband's originally.
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lolz... I didn't say Tee IS nav... there is someone or some people who are making several random accounts that could be any one of those people I listed... I didn't mean to imply they were all one and the same person.
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Or he might just use his neibourgh wifi in order to create accounts.. but hey, you know what ?

IPs DON'T MATCH !!!!!!!
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Definitely, Tee is not Nav...like Begret is saying, Tee is just Tee....sorry to see him gone
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Tee was always really helpful to me, suggesting shoes and jeans on several occasions. He also helped new members when they asked "OMG what kind of pants should i get" by replying with a detailed, thoughtful and helpful answer quite a bit from my observation.

Whether he started a new account or not, i think banning him was a mistake. imo, he was the most knowledgeable and helpful new member in the last several months. Flaws included, he was an asset to the community (at least because of fashion knowledge and willingness to help if not subtlety).

You know what actually hurts the quality if HF? Allowing non-paying "lite" members to post and start new threads. I've never received a helpful reply from a lite member, and it seems like they're posting new irrelevant bullshit with increasing frequency.

I move to bring back Tee, and ban the freeriders.
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Yeah...Tee should really be unbanned....I understand if it was some spammer posting lolporn, but this is a loyal member o9f the community who contributed so well in great amounts...
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*Tee* may not be NAV, but NAV showing up right after *Tee* was banned doing the whole disruptive routine is gonna get a few people thinking and scratching their heads.
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what will I do without you!!! why did I just notice this..... NOOOOOOOOO
I'm very sad
it's not fair!
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oh and i didnt mean to neg or plus that scary gay dad person my bad please ignore!
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Some of you who think Tee is a great guy might have missed this thread

(apologies to Lorna for bringing it up again)
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can a mod post the full reason for banning? i know it's not technically the "policy" anymore, but I think tee's impact was wide enough (good or bad) that it's important to know.

i better not be funny, helpful or outgoing in the future so i don't put myself in the line of fire~
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Originally Posted by sinclairaw View Post
i better not be funny, helpful or outgoing in the future so i don't put myself in the line of fire~
that isn't why he was banned at all
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I saw the Lorna thing, but I thought he had since overcome that and calmed down? I guess not?

poor little teepee *loves* i still miss him
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Originally Posted by ri0tp00f View Post
that isn't why he was banned at all
i know; from what i read in the tee v. lorna thread above i assume it's either:

1. lorna and lauriebell and others dislike tee, with good reason, but hey he was always honest and fair imo.
2. he or someone who knows him started a new account on his IP

i'm leaning towards the former, and i must say that tee's original post of the PM from lorna in that thread after her comments about his obnoxiousness was one of the funniest things i've seen in a long ass time.

edit: sorry about being so fast to generalize, and thanks to laurie below for clarifying. i still stand by my respect for tee's timing and ability to generate a "oh shiiiat" response so effectively, as well as his fashion knowledge.
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Quite honestly, I never had any feelings on tee... good, bad, or indifferent. In general, I ignored his posts because they seemed to be jibberish and oftentimes nonsense, but that is not a compelling reason to ban someone. Yes, he brought himself under scrutiny after those comments towards lorna, but even after that, I didn't really pay much attention to him unless I got a lot of PMs about some comments he would make here and there.

So please, don't put words in my mouth and say that I disliked him, because honestly, you have no idea what you are talking about. I would take a gander that no one on here can really guess who I "dislike" because I don't go around talking about it or getting myself involved in drama (and for good reason).
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