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Originally Posted by ross View Post
"If you don't like it, get lost" isn't going to make this thread go away.

No one is telling you mods what to do. You can ban any of us at any time so there is no need to get defensive or even reply to the thread. Unless you care about PR.

And if you do care about PR, then perhaps you might entertain the idea of telling us, in no uncertain terms, why it is absolutely impossible that Dana was a real person that could have been using Tee's computer, or posting from a static IP. If the case is really as open-and-shut as all that, then the debate will die immediately. Until then, people are going to keep talking about it, and will harbor any number of wild suspicions about it (namely, that hurting a mod's feelings can get you banned for life).
Bold bro...
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Come to think of it, where's the proof not_a_virus.exe is also not_a_virus.mp3 and the rest? Unban them now, they're just friends on NAV's computer.....
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Nav must be one hell of a popular guy.
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no shit, huh?
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Originally Posted by kellygawtscammed View Post
So if you hate the hf mod team, and everything it stands for, why wont you STOP coming to www.honestforum.com ?
hate's a bit strong of word. disrespect might be more accurate.

edit: also, who can resist the wildly entertaining charms of the internet's #1 dramady site, honestforum.com?
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what i don't get is how jskidder is not only not banned but also a mod while *tee* and peteralexia have been banned. i'm not saying that i think jskidder should be banned...i'm just saying that all three of these cats should be allowed to roam freely here. this place, after all, is a zoo. what the hell kind of zoo doesn't have big cats?

let's do the math:

peteralexia (liger) > *tee* (lion) > jskidder (tiger)
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Awwww I go missing for a couple of months and Tee has been banned?
he was controversially helpful. and I liked the animated monkeys!

*is sad*
Tee you are missed!
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Something *Tee* this way comes...
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argh, why did you bump this catastrophe? could it be that...
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Originally Posted by dee-oso View Post
argh, why did you bump this catastrophe? could it be that...
I won't believe it 'til I receive a REAL PM! But I can hardly sit still
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^ Don't mess up your jeans.
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Maybe now I'll be able to cop his Viker 71B !
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Originally Posted by biodiesel View Post
^ Don't mess up your jeans.
I've been wearing a diaper ever since PeterAlexia told me that Tee might come back.
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Dreams do come true...Thanks Laurie!
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Welcome back, Tee!
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Yes... he is back. (Welcome back, Tee)

The long and the short of it is this:
*Tee* is not Mario
*Tee* is not NAV
*Tee* is not PEE (Peter)

And most importantly, *Tee* is not Dana.

It was a mistake to ban him in the first place and after hearing from both him and Dana, it's only right to allow them back again. I am not above admitting that the ban was incorrect and I have apologized to Tee and Dana. But to the members, I/we the mods, are sorry for the confusion over Tee's ID and his eventual ban.

Though it doesn't make up for it, both of them will have refunds for their Pro accounts and will be given free Pro memberships.

*****This does not mean that we are going to go unban everyone else. Every other ban was done fairly and correctly.****
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That's the best and most helpul thread on HF ever; by far !
I really love it. In that case i even love the +/- system. Just for once...
That thread is like a glasshouse. A lot of people are in it, whilst i'm standing outside and
watching what they do and talk. Reminds me a little bit of "the sims", or "big brother".
It's really helpful, since it makes it easy to draw a distinction between:

- Incorupptible and weakness of character
- Loyal and snakily
- Fair-minded and follower
- Real and false
- Truth and lies
- "Friend" or "enemie"
- And so on...

Laurie, thanks for banning me back then ( Not a joke ! ) and making this thread hence possible. I've really enjoyed reading it...

I've had an exquisite barbecued steak, a glass of wine and my occasional cigarette, whilst i've read this thread. Such a satisfaction...

Thanks to everyone who backed me up, was loyal or at least fair-minded and without prejudice. Thanks to everyone, who did his bit to bring the truth to light. Thanks to everyone, who defended me tooth and nail....

Special thanks to laurie and danny !
Danny, you're a real buddy...
Laurie, i have great respect for your decision to strive agains the stream, hazard the consequences and exercise justice...

Well, and what about the people who stabbed me in the back, prejudged me, bawled me out, tried to drum me out of HF as an alleged troll and treated me like a dangerous criminal and whispered behind my back, instead of telling me in private that they have a problem with me, even though those persons never had a single word with me in person ? Nothing, since i don't want to pay you back in kind. All i want to say is, that your behaviour was way more rude, lame and characterless, than i ever was and will ever be...

If you have any problems with me, just leave me alone, ignore me, avoid me, or whatever. I'll do the same...

A special note to lorna:

I officially apologize for our little "fight" back then. My choice of words was probably inappropiate, particulary as it was wrong to have it out with you in public, on an open forum. I apologize for my choice of words, even though that was plainly and simply my honest opinion. On the other hand, i have to say, that your behaviour was not one jot better. You did everything to drum me out of HF. You snitched on me to laurie, for every little thing. You snitched on me to laurie, for asking you to shill one of my auctions, even though it was at least 2-3 months ago and and old hat, when you snitched it to her. You've also tried to play off several members against me and hoaxed laurie into believing that i'm a forum-troll. I guess you know yourself , that was not a nice way. Well, i don't want to air my dirty linen in public...

Well, you can be assured that i won't talk to you ( On the forum, as well as by pm ), won't quote your posts/pics and won't utter your name, if that's your will. Scout's honor...

I guess we're even...


HF, let's do it again
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That is not how you go about apologizing, thats having one last say in the context of an apology, like you said you were telling the truth, i was telling the truth as well, i do not appreciate you making me look like the bad person in this yet again so id appreciate nothing to do with you so lets keep it that way.
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I must say that since you were apparently banned in an improper manner that it was indeed a bad thing and it is good that it was corrected. After reading through your message and getting to the part where it said "I officially apologize to Lorna..." I thought to myself that things may actually work out after all and there could be civility and things could move forward, but then the rest of the message threw it off and kinda had me wondering. For future occurrences, you may want to refrain from making an apology and then jabbing and hitting people in the same paragraph, it takes away the sincerity of your message. It's like saying "I'm sorry, but you know it was your fault"
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- I made mistakes
- Lorna made mistakes


Consequently, it's definetely not reprehensible ( IMO ), to say "I apologize for..." on the one hand and "I think it wasn't ok..." on the other. To say sorry for a certain situation ( Our "fight" ), is not to say that i'll advocate everything she said and did. Because of that, personally i think that i've found the right "mix"....

Please do me a favour and don't post anymore, since i don't want to see how that thread will probably went outta control. 13 pages should be more than enough. Actually laurie wanted to close that thread directly after i wrote my statement, but seemling she isn't online right now...
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sorry - was on my way to the airport - locked at Tee's request and another big SORRY!

ETA - uhh why am I being negged for admitting to a mistake, issuing a public apology and correcting the situation...? Strange....
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