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Lee Jeans

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Lee | Lee Clark Dry Regular Fit Jean at ASOS

Just seen these, there a fairly low price, but i just wondered what the quality of lees are, or would it be best to spend a bit more on a 'better' pair?
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I'm all for variety and I've seen even cheapo dry jeans get really good fades. If this is a starter pair I say why not
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but i dont think there are "that" cheap
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Since you're looking at Lee, here is the 101z - you sign up for their newsletter you get 20% off. I got these but unfortunately they came in around the same time a pair of Sams came in and the apparent difference in denim skewered my opinion on them so they went back.

Gold Label - 101Z from Lee

If you want a cheap pair that requires effort to break in, try the orange tab 517 (the fit isn't spectacular though) or any deadstock pair of vintage Levi's.
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Ok thanks for the help guys, im not especially looking for LEE jeans, just a fairlt decent cheap pair thats easy to obtain in the UK.
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