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Jacket fit question

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I got this jacket in small, armpit-armpit measurement is about the same as my chest. Does it look too tight?

This is 100% cotton, do jacket stretch? Does it look too tight at the shoulder?
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It looks too tight because the chest pockets are in your armpits.
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^ This is how it looks like on a ssense model G-Star Danbury Delta Black Jacket - ssense.com
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The fit on the model is awful. Your fit is better, but I would always leave at least an inch or a bit more for an outer layer for room.

I think you could definitely size up if it was possible.
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Opened ( Pic 1 & 2 ) = Not too tight
Zipped ( Pic 3 & 4 ) = Maybe a bit too tight

Since it's a summer jacket, i don't think you're going to wear the jacket zipped most of the time...

PS: We can also make it more simple...

1) Do you feel comfy, even when the jacket is half zipped ? NO ? Ok, too tight...
2) Do you feel comfy, even when the jacket is half zipped ? Yes ? Ok, no too thight...
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^ Well the jacket is kind of digging into my armpits, I guess I'll size up
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Yeah, if you're going to zipp the jacket from time to time, you should probably size up. Particularly as size S in g-star jacket is obviously not the right choice for a well-built guy like you...

PS: Personally i'd prefer another colour, if you're going to wear the jacket in spring/summer, but that's another story of course...
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^ Since I started to wear Vikers all my current jackets make my jeans look like leggings lol... I need a fitted jacket too. Which color which you recommend?
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I don't hold anything against the colour.. Don't get me wrong... But personally i prefer brighter colours for my jackets in summer. Tan/light brown, beige, khaki, olive, sand - Something like that. That's not to say that it's reprehensible to wear darker jackets in summer, since it's not oppresively hot from morning to night Say when you go out in the eve/night...
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