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Ande Whall streaky slackers!

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Since sufu is down, I thought id share these with you. Just arrived today from New Zealand - hand made by ande whall himself. (sorry for the shitty half body shots)

tagged size 33 x 38 - the waist measures 33 exactly. They will stretch a little then I will be able to get more of a sag.

Ande whall streaky slackers!

they stack at the bottom, I could cuff them up and still get a little bit of stack.. What do you folks think?

I usually rock bootcut, im not entirely comfortable in straight leg cuts (but im getting there). I do like them a lot. The fit is VERY similar to my dior 21cm. They do seem slimmer below the knee though. Not a heavy taper.

Measurements can be found on Ande's website: andewhall - Home
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I really like these man! The should look even better after some wear and tear.
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I just cuffed the bottom a little. They don't bust out around my ankles as much, debating weather to keep that bulgy stack or cuff for moderate stack?
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i would go with the stack. as the denim softens it will settle down and lay better, new denim always stacks ackwardly at first.

as for the jeans, i'm iffy on the streaky denim. a little too crazy looking for my taste. i do kinda want some ande's though and i'm really interested in the next batch of rakers. will probably not end up getting them though since i am set for now on jeans and will likely snag the sexfh's instead for later use.
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I cuffed them about an inch. Its still giving me a 37 inseam with a nice stack. I love that. Ive never been able to cuff anything before

The denim itself is very soft to begin with, and not very stiff at all. I don't know how much softer it could get. It isn't very streaky, I kind of like it. It's unlike anything else I own. The fade pictures on the streaky denim really look nice too..

For $185 I would go back to Mr. Whall again. I love that these come in 38 inseam - which is a huge factor for a 6`4 guy like myself. Everything from the interior tag and inner pocket design to the subtle back pocket stitching and leather patch are grade A.

Very happy with these
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I like his new back pocket design. I always felt the thumbs-up stitching was a bit much.
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The thumbs were pretty awful, but this new stuff looks good.
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when he was doing the thumbs there was also an option to have plain pockets. its unfortunate that you can no longer opt for that now, though the new design is subtle i think plain is better.
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these look really nice...did you pay $185 for these? not a bad deal at that price
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