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What jeans to buy

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Looking to get my first pair of raw/dry denim. Been looking at nudies around the £70 mark (about 140$) but not sure which ones to get. Im looking for a fit similar to diesels viker, slim straight and to have dark indigo wash.
Any suggestions?
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do you want dry denim or washed denim?
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Dry, im looking to do the whole 6 months then wash, and hopefully come out with a real nice pair. Just been looking at some websites, with nudies is there a diffrence in the comfort/feel/outcome of organic denim over normal denim?
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apc new standards. they're cheap (around 160), straight leg (can be as slim or loose as you want depending on how much you size down), and fade really well quick.
be sure to check out the apc sizing thread to get the gist of the sizing more, it's quite a pain (the denim streeeeeeeetches like a mofo)

personally i wouldn't bother with nudies because i find the stitching and back pockets to be hideous, and i hear the denim isn't that great (i don't think apc is much better, but i've heard about more blown crotches w/ nudies than any other)
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agree 100%. get some new standards and call it a day. they are only $140 retail and if denimbar has your size there are coupon codes to get them for even less. go with your diesel size or 1 down because they stretch a TON.
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The thing with apcs is there quite hard to get here in the uk. There are a few shops here that sell nudies, i just wondered what style to get. Is the average joe cut similar tdiesels viker cut? And how does the waist sizing differ. I just need some help on what to look out for when i go shopping.
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