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That's a good section to have (on LV bags)...there are so many fakes out there it is pathetic.* I only buy new LV stuff from because it is the only authorized online retailer of new LV (of course the site is owned by the company that makes LV and Dior).* I did buy a used LV bag on Ebay from a gal but it is the real thing.* I checked it against my friends' LV bags that they all got either from Saks or the LV store, plus I got good info on what to look out for.* You should check into them and put their link on your site to get a cut.* I think the site is .* One of my friends got a LV bag and carried it around for quite awhile before she noticed the "Made in Flance" on the inside of the bag.* She promptly went to Saks and bought a real one.* Have a good one!