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I was wondering if anybody here owns a pair and what they think of them? Also I was hoping for some fitting help. I have large thighs so I usually have to get relaxed fits. How are they in the thigh area? Thank you.

By the way I am new here so Hi everyone and thanks!
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Most of the info on superfuture is that they tend to run really big compared to the tag size. But SF is down no so you cant check it
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YEAH wtf???
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They are 'work-wear' inspired and their cuts are pretty relaxed, I hear varied opinions on them so the best/most experienced person to talk to would be the guy from stronghold who is on the 'future.

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Cool cool. Thank you everyone!
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I read that the guy who started stronghold is the same guy who started von dutch, but is he just an entrepeneur or does he actually design things? I'm not too impressed by von dutch, but stronghold looks good.
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From what I read on SuFu is that he sold Von Dutch before it went downhill, not that I know the difference between good and bad Von Dutch.
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