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True Religion Handbags

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I felt obligated to post these since we are a Forum for designer jeans

True Religion Handbags - Purse Blog
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i like the turquoise one...but $758 is too expensive...i'd rather spend my money on jeans!
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I love the yellow wristlet, and might have to get that if it's reasonable.. I like the bags, but $798 is a bit much for a brand that's a step above Lucky. I'd rather save a couple hundred more and buy a Balenciaga. JMHO
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Never seen TR handbags before
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oh man, I really like most of those but I could buy myself a dior for that yo.
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The TR bags are very soft and really cute in person- seem well made- the colors are vibrant- the prices are way too high imo though...
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Wow, those are expensive.
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they will be around ebay soon enough - these denim lines starting with the bags are too much (seven, joes, TR). They should stick to what they do best! Even though they are nice!
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They're super nice, but it sure is pricey!
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i agree... pricey but i like the look of them
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