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Originally Posted by kks
I got fake fake fake diesels from OKPowerTRADER. Price was about 70 and the quality was crap, denim was shotty, one of the buttons fell off. Their feedback is good, but I looked thoroughly and my experience with them is not unique; Problem is people don't know the difference. Thank god for sites like this.
I would be pissed and ask for a refund. Fake Diesel's at $70 is outragous, BlueFly has real Diesel's a lot cheaper.
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I was glad to get a refund for my purchase. I have bought from Bluefly in the past. Problem is Bluefly's Diesels are always in strange sizes or old washes. I guess you get what you pay for though.
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Originally Posted by gospastic
another seller i always watch is "dieselofmiami". all their jeans seem to be authentic, at least the jeans int he pictures are. i want to get some, but his prices are pretty low, especially for brand new models and washes. it justs stumps me how they can do that. i would definitely go for it if i could make sure they were 100% authentic.
Hey sorry this might be a bit late in a response to this but I am pretty convinced dieselofmiami is a genuine seller. I've bought 2 pairs of diesel jeans off him so far - zathan 796 and zathan 772. Both I am dam sure are genuine and comparing the labels to the ones on daves site backs up my thoughts since I see the hidden numbers above the indian head and the hologram tape strip under the made in italy on the label. Jeans are very nice although I was a little alarmed when some of the rivets fell off the 772s when i washed them a few times! Don't think thats his fault though.
One thing about dieselofmiami is that he gets a lot off Diesel 2nds by the looks of it that have little holes in which is probably why he can sell them cheaper.
Very nice guy to deal with so I would recommend buying from him

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True, yesterday I received a pair of 82H jeans from Dieselofmiami, authentic, this is a great seller, good communicator. Actually first out of three pairs from ebay that were the real deal!
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