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SHIT, i forgot about the time difference again HF has got to fix that!!!! its going on 1am here which means i'll be heading to bed pretty soon. tomorrow, depends when gf gets back from her mountain trip. maybe lunch out but probably just playing mario kart on the wii and a steak. im trying to get dry bones unlocked but i got too tired of it to continue playing. i have some packages to package and send out. probably 20-30 games of halo xbox live. its "thirsty thursday" in the "united states" (like a national holiday on thursdays) which means i might not be the only one intoxicated at 5pm depending on weather and if someone is having a "birthday" or better a "21 run." speaking of medical problems i need to get the fact that i cant urinate checked out. other than that im not sure of the specifics. ill give you a rundown of exactly what i do tomorrow night.
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I am sure it is just a ingrown hair
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Definitely could be an ingrown hair or even a pimple coming up to the surface. Like Tee said anything new or irritating can cause stuff like that under your armpit I would assume. Definitely don't freak or go to a Dr. until you wait a little while it may very well go away on it's own. At least that is what I would do. Maybe it is even related to stress since you are studying who knows but give your body time to heal before stressing Hope it all works out!
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Does your family have a history of breast cancer? If not, under the age of 25, the most common mass in breast is a fibroadenoma, which is benign. It is a painless, rubbery feeling mass that you can sort of move around. Where exactly is the mass located?

Originally Posted by boraxkim View Post
so i'm studying right now and a few minutes ago i noticed a small bump on my armpit.
i thought it was a zit or something (i know, ew) so i tried to squeeze it but nothing came out. it's just red now and it hurts when i push it.
it's a really small bump and you can't even see it. you can only feel it.
i researched online and different sites are saying different things.

"swollen lymph nodes"
"ingrown hair"
"get it checked out by a doctor"
"no need to be worried if it's small"

so i'm kind of freaked out right now. i can't exactly afford to go to a doctor and i'm really worried. i'm only 19, is it possible for me to get breast cancer already?
i'm sorry...i'm just really scared right now. i feel like crying. WTF IS WRONG WITH ME??? someone help please
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Originally Posted by notfrostyjosh View Post
cancer or aids

haha thats my favorite answer to any health related question!
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no one in my family had breast cancer.
the bump is right in the middle of my armpit.
and it hurts when i push/touch it.
so it's a pain to even put my arm down with a shirt on because the sleeve touches it.
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razor burn? or a pimple?

I don't think I heard of anything cancer and what not showing up in the armpits...rather wierd...

Maybe it's some skin reaction to a deotarant you use...
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I think its arm herpes....

No seriously, sebaceous cysts are quite common in the armpits. Either pop it or leave it alone and it will go away. Fuck with it and it will only get bigger
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could be a swollen lymph node. probably no big deal. have you been sick? switch to a new razor and give it more time. it'll probably go away just stop squeezing it.
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Armpit is not that tragic. I guess there are worth places...
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^ i HOPE it's not tragic...i'm guessing it's a swollen lymph node as well.
it just hurts cuz i can't NOT touch it.
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Are you planning on seeing a doctor?
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It sounds like an ingrown hair. Take a needle (sterile of course) and rub it across the bump very lightly to break the skin. There will most likely be a hair coiled up inside there. I had an ingrown in my armpit once. Once I got it out, it was about an inch and a half long. So gross. Needless to say, I stopped waxing my armpits.

I am a cosmetologist and this happens very frequently, especially in places you shave a lot, like the bikini area and armpits. If you don't see a hair, then go to a doctor. The reason it's causing you pain is because it's causing pressure from having the hair lodged in there for so long. You need to get it out to relieve the pressure. Rubbing tea tree oil on it will soothe the irritation.

This is most likely what this is. Especially with how small you said it was. Good luck! PM me if you have any questions!
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^ thanks i'll try that!
and if it doesn't go away after a week, i'm gonna go see the doctor
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Actually, try lavender oil instead.
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One thing I learned while volunteering at the AIDS hotline is that people look up shit online and think they have AIDS when all they did is touch a doorknob. That being said, I wouldn't do a self diagnosis online, it will just freak you out more.
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happens to me a lot, i bet you its a clogged sweat gland, do you use antiperspirant? If you do and you are active a lot (i.e. running) it will usually clog up, if you squeeze it does it ache? Ive gone to the doctor before and he told me to lay off any thing with a the active ingredient in antiperspirant and it goes away quickly
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sounds like an insect bite, or ingrown hair or sebaceous cyst.
try cortisone cream for the irritation, and just watch it for a couple days.

Dont worry about breast cancer....your age makes it very unlikely, and a lymph node wouldnt typically be painful or erythematous

follow up with your family doc in a week if it is still bothering you, if it is enlarging, or you get other systemic complaints (fever, malaise, chills, etc.)
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