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Thanks ladies!

Vicki, I really lucked out! Hilary ended up having these available afterall so I bought them hoping they would fit. I haven't seen them anywhere else except blueingreen and they are sold out there.

Thanks Hilary!

I was debating getting the pbj skinnies, too, but I think maybe I should try another brand for the sake of variety.

I REAAALLY want the sling & stones rachels in the really dark blue wash. I have been looking FOREVER though and cannot find them anywhere...
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Those look superb on you, very hot! Can't wait to see them once they've broken in.
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like i said before in WAYWT in hf chat

apryl > all.
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So I'm not really digging the fit of these anymore. They are stretching out nicely everywhere except the THIGHS. They are starting to make for an uncomfortable fit and funny look because they are seriously stuck to my thighs. I have tried doing squats, lunges, and the like in these babies but nothing seems to work.

The sad thing is, I am starting to see progress and I think they could be a really cool pair if I didn't have to peel them off my thighs. They have been worn about 25 times; no washes.

Any suggestions?
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I have no suggestions but I do have a question... is there anything you DON'T look good in?!?
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^try dipping the thigh area in water & wearing them wet (careful not cause agitation). the indigo won't really wear off if you do that & you can stretch them out a lot more. my pair stretched out at least 1 inch around the thighs.
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Apryl, I sold mine due to the same problem. I think it's a general problem with PBJ for us girls with some curves and thighs.. I think you could try wet stretching them, but what you'll find is the seam on the outside of the thighs turning inwards thus making the sides looking awkward. They do fit you nicely, but imo there are a lot of better pairs out there than these.. I agree on the fading though, it is exeptional.
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You can do just about anything with wet stretching, trust me. Find a way to get something in there when they're wet, or just soak the thighs and do some lunges in them. Trust me, you'll get them to the point you want. It would be a crime against the universe if you didnt wear those things into the ground and then send them to me.
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Thanks a lot ben and feifei! I have never done the wet stretching but it's definitely worth a try. It would be awesome if I could get these babies back in proper form, as they are looking quite nice and are my favorite denim "wash" ever!!!

PS BEN: Send them to you??? Do we have a possible well-worn fetish on our hands?
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I wanna smash
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^I'm afraid to ask what that means, but do tell...
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^he wants to hit/tap
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Originally Posted by A Clockwork Orange View Post
I wanna smash
I thought the "proper" term was pound

Unless smash is the nice-guy-cries-after-sex term
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^ smash sounds funnier than pound, tap, beat, hit, etc.
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i usually just say, "I want to make love...all over you." in a french accent and the ladies fall for it every time
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^ *swoons*

I usually just sing *I wanna make love in this club* Lol!

Works like a charm...
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lol like you even have to try apryl
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whats with the squirrels...
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ACO Squirrel ready to smash

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^Lol! Beware of playa squirrel!
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one of us! one of us! one of us!
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we accept him one of us! we accept him one of us!

are we freaks ri0t?
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