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Pure Blue Japan Slim Flares *Pics*

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So I received my first pair of PBJs and I am in love ! I tried the equivalent of my regular size and I think they will be OK. I have worn them for about 3 days and they are stretching out slowly. The denim quality is supurb! The cut is a bit more masculine than what I am used to but I kind of like that for a change! I also like how they stretch slowly and mold to your body as you wear them. They should be really fun!

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very nice fit. I cant see how you'd call those masculine though...

Anyways remember - wear them every day as much as possible and try to go a month or 6 weeks at least before the first wash
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will you go out with me?
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Sexy. What's masculine about it?
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1) Absolutely made to measure !
2) I can't see what you mean when you say "masculine" !? In my opinion those are the paragon of femininity on you...
3) Your jeans look always so spick and span. Without a pleat - Just like a second skin...
4) I love the leather tag with the feather on the back, since i think you're really as light as a feather... *PlacesYouOnAPedestalAsATest*... Yes, you're a lightweight ! Except for that "heavyweight"............
5) .......... BUM ! I've never seen such skinny legs with such an enormous bum ! Thank pilates, mom, dad and god...
6) Your legs are longer than a giraffe neck. I thought MINE where long !? I'm jealous...
7) Those jeans are real allrounders... I love the cut, the versatile wash and the simple backpockets. + Your bed, + the sideboard, + the floor, + your daughters little chair...
8 ) Oh well, i forgot my love for the contrast seams....
9) NOW i want PBJ's for men even more !
10) I really hope and pray that the second pic is photoshopped. If not, please call a doctor in case that i'll not be back in 10 minu....

.... etrfefpeocxcrdeoffcökdlcmjew+üdpepfkewdcsdc.sd#äfp e4643475rfedfdfd *SwoonsAndFallsWithForeheadOnKeyboard*
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Those look great on you! I don't see anything masculine about them.
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we need to get someone to take your pics for you, though... so they're less blurry and we can see you better
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shall i do the honors?
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Haha! Thanks you guys!

Maybe they aren't so masculine then? When I first put them on, they looked a bit boyish to me; very straight in the hips and thighs and flat, low butt. The rise felt weird, too. They are better fitting now that I've worn them a few times. I think it just takes wearing them a bit to loosen them up.

Riot, I know! My new camera sucks! I'll have to play with it some more...

Ryan, Check one: yes [ ] no [ ] maybe [ ]

Tee, what can I even say to that??? Lol! No photoshop. Yes, boobalicious, I guess, if that's what you mean! I don't know how that happened? Enormous bum???...
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^ It may not be the camera as much as it is the fact that the pic is taken in the mirror...

Mirror pics are tricky...
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Yes. Or maybe because my hand shakes when I take pics of myself! Tricky indeed!
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- Mirror
- Bright daylight/window in the back
- Shaking hand
- Camera settings

I know that very well ! My latest WAYWT post is exactly the same...

PS: Enormous in the sence of AMAZING ! Because your legs are so slim... And most of the girls/women i know - with such slim legs - have only a very small bum ! But you got junk in the trunk, as if you would have thighs like beyonce or J.LO. But you don't...
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Very nice but we demand non-blurry and high resolution pictures...kthx
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Also, nekkid
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OK, they're not THAT blurry are they? I thought they were at least OK...

Originally Posted by blm14 View Post
Also, nekkid

Talk about raising the stakes!
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^that would raise more than just stakes
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Feel like camping out, huh?
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well I could say all kinds of inappropriate things here but I'm just gonna say you have a wet-dream kind of body and just leave things at that.
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Holy smokes! You look incredibly sexy in those (not the least bit masculine!). What a perfect fit and figure! Can't wait to see these get worn in...
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Nice h00ters, apryl

Those are not masculine.
I wear boy jeans, those are not boy jeans!
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Begret! Don't feed the fire!!!
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i concur w/ the nice hooters
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wow apryl those look so amazing!!!! i'm really glad you found a pair!
i wish i had your body wowww!!! those are GORGEOUS!
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Those are beautiful Apryl and perfect fit too
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