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paypal help - changing fund source!!

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does anyone know how to change it so paypal charges my cc instead of taking from my balance??? (i used my paypal debit card 2 weeks ago and the charge still hasnt hit)

i need help ASAP so i can buy a pair of jeans from tiff!!!! THANKS so much!
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I believe when you pay you are able to choose from a drop down menu how you would like to be charged.
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i dont know why, but when mine only does that for whatever exceeds my paypal balance?! ugh i searched paypal and it said it would always come from my paypal balance first. but i just thought i heard on here that i could change that.....hmmmm
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The only time it didnt take from my Paypal balance was when I used my American Express card
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I always empty out my Paypal balance to my bank account right after I get it so that I can select credit card as my mode of payment. I've had the same problem you're having in the past and as long as you have no balance, it will allow you to select credit card.
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If you ever have a balance on PayPal, PayPal will always take that first, then if you have both a bank account and cc on file, which means your a verified member, then instant transfer (ie bank transfer) WILL always be your primary source. But when you are paying for things on eBay, on the third step, where it says we are going to take XXX amount from your PayPal account, look for a more option link where you can select cc. If you are paying directly on PayPal, look for a more funding options link. So to sum it up, if you are a verifed member, your bank is always default if you have no balance on your PayPal account. If you have just a personal unverified account then you can set cc as your primary. But you will eventually hit your sending limit and then PayPal will force you to add a bank account on file.
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i made a big purchase with paypal so i selected my cc as the primary funding source. It still tried to take it out of my bank account that i have setup with paypal...and of course there was not enough cash in it. Bank slapped a nice $35 fee on me...so frustrating
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Once you select cc, you have to make sure you agree to change it to cc. There is a second screen that ask, are you sure you want to make this change.
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thanks jigga, you answered my question, as long as i have a paypal balance it will always take that first. boo. makes me very angry that i used my paypal debit card and im still waiting (2 weeks later) for the person to actually take the funds out of my paypal acct. i have missed out on so many jeans b/c of this. grrrr oh well...lesson learned. i will ALWAYS transfer my funds to my bank acct now!!! thanks!!!!
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