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william rasts

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I 'm not sure if these are authentic or not. The price is great but you never know
William Rast Savoy Ultra Low Rise Trouser Size 26 NWT - eBay (item 250233154456 end time Apr-10-08 15:29:52 PDT)
Thanks in advance
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Real- most WR runs 1 size big
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hey there welcome to honest forum!!! <3
okay... this sellers photos could not be more blurry if they tired lol

don't you hate that!?!

something about these looks a bit funky to me thought that could be the blurriness... of the photos... i would say wait for others to reply or see if they'll take clearer photos for you and perhaps tag pics?

sorry i'm not more help
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ah too late courtzzz knows her WR she's prob right
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I've bought off this seller before - what I got was authentic. Other jeans of hers I have looked at in the past have been real
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This particular pair actually runs fairly TTS, especially if you have curves . . .
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i sized down one and mine fit perfect, but im in between in sizes. these jeans look AMAZING on!!! whenever i want to feel good, i put these jeans on!!! hahaha
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Can't see the listing but I hope what you've got was real. 


I sell many William Rast Jeans on ebay and from my experience they run true to size too. If you have any questions in the future - get in touch and I will measure the exact item for you




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^Maybe the guys' pairs do, but I've begun selling some women's WR and most have been running big, at least in the waist. They're good if you're of the body type with big shoulders, a big waist, big thighs, yet narrow hips (a hard-to-fit but very common type. Chelsea Handler, Hillary Duff, Hayden Panettiere are all this type)...but I could see someone needing to stay tts if she had big hips as well.

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