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Shopping ban, anyone care to join? (May shopping challenge... Are you game?) - Page 3

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Stop me from being tempted to buy ballet flats lol
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Originally Posted by courtzzzz69 View Post
Stop me from being tempted to buy ballet flats lol
STOP! You don't need them.
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^^Wait until it's warmer out so you can choose something you will wear all summer long. And probably get a better deal.
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the more i read this thread the more i think i should jump on the wagon.....lol
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Court you don't need more shoes, I bet you already have a ton Go look at what you have and wear them all before you buy new ones, by then you won't want new ones

Gah I can't sell anything to save my life.....ebay sucks for selling lately!! WTH??

I think I can do this, thank you for starting this thread girly!!
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^I'll continue wearing my crocs, flip flops, and ugg boots hehe
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It snowed yesterday for gods sake!!!!! Your not allowed to buy such foot wear now because it is not practical at all.
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oh and I wanted to say that I was tempted to buy yesterday (Super Smash Brothers) but instead I got my bf to buy it wahahhahahaa
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^Where is there snow? MRC is all grassy lol
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^ what! It snowed yesterday at UofC. Ugh...I had to walk to my car in it, it sucked. We still have it on our lawn
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How much did you plan on spending on ballet flats, Court?? Now take that money and put it towards your goal, if you could afford to buy the flats you can afford to put that money away toward your goal You will appreciate your tummy much more than some dang shoes woman!! hehehhee
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Update: It didn't work.....

Since I put myself on the ban.... I've bought:
- (3) sweaters
- (4) jeans
- (1) crop

For some reason I don't think this is working for me. Being on the ban is making me buy more. Maybe I'll just start after my birthday. =( I think I've got spending issues...

But at least I sold something, or at least kind of (installment payments).
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^^Oh noes!!! That is bad, most of the time I ban I do the same thing, but not this time!!

You have to come here and post BEFORE you spend, okay? Then you should wait for the next reply, maybe that will help ya?

I just resisted and am still resisting some $78 Mercer dojos....crap But I can do it this time!!! I just paid $47 in ebay fees
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I will definitely try that next time.
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Crap I just checked my CC and its over the limit I just paid $100 towards it....now I'm at $1500 on CC and $3000 saved. I'm still $2500 from my goal

This is working for me though. Tempations have ceased quite a bit!!
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I kind of fell off the bandwagon. EEK! When I was doing it it didn't quite occur to me that I was even on a ban. *slaps forehead*

I started searching on Craigslist for Battlestar Galactica DVDs. I already own all 3 seasons with the exception of 2.5, but they are fake copies you get at Pacific Mall. It's basically the exact copy of the legitimate copy in DVD quality with all the deleted scenes and director's commentary. I think I bought all seasons for about $60 CAD. The only drawback is that the outside photo is poor quality and the discs aren't photoscreened (no pics on discs themselves).

Now that I realize I'm on a ban, I'd like to sell all 3 seasons I already have so I can cover the $45 cost of just season 1. Technically, it's kind of like a trade more than buying. Right, right?!

Although in other good news, I have started to unsubscribe to ALL my online/retail store emails. I don't need to be tempted by sales or new spring/summer cute clothes arriving. I high suggest that everyone else in this thread do so. I know for myself I probably spend at least an hour browsing at whatever emails I get in the morning.
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I'll go on a ban..after summer..gotta stock up on clothes in summer..shouldn't be too bad since I'm working and I still got savings (very little left) from last summer..
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Hi Marty!! (pssst....its me Shelley's B)

Annie, I think its okay to trade straight across? But I dunno about that trade you mean....be strong girl or I'll have to take away your booze money hehehehehe
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My hardest thing to cease is the email alerts from eBay notifying me when certain items have been listed. I get like 20 a day.
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And it's impossible for me to clear out my watch list.
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Originally Posted by guest2634 View Post
Hi Marty!! (pssst....its me Shelley's B)
Hey Dian ..I was thinking it was you from one of your posts way back when you posted pics of a pair you crystalized both here and on AF..just wasnt sure since your usernames and avators were so different
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^^I'm in covert ops here

Just kidding hehehe

Annie, just don't get wasted and then buy some jeans and tops LOL

Hilary, if you can't clear your watch list then just do go look at your ebay account (if thats possible?) or just delete the emails right away before you look at them (those pesky emails that say the item is ending soon)
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Ugh... I'm SO mad! I missed out on a BIN for my sister... Three pairs of SFAM for $70! ARG! I'm mad... so I BIN'd a piar of joes that may or may not be fake. I need help.. this is not good.
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Originally Posted by Hilarys54 View Post
And it's impossible for me to clear out my watch list.
I am the same way.. So I've just resorted to not going on eBay at all!

As for the emails, I would highly suggest changing your preferences so you don't get emails at all. I just unsubscribed to a bunch of online/retail store email alerts. I know I'll be browsing way less and not be unnecessarily tempted.

Another thing you may want to try is setting anything you TRULY must have on a sniper. That way you don't end up paying more than you would otherwise in a bidding war/heat of the moment.

Natalie/Callire, are you buying stuff for your sister or on her behalf and she pays you back later? Does she even want Joe's as a replacement? Tsk tsk on the new jeans! You gotta get off eBay! I think as long as she pays you back for the jeans it's not really buying..

, you should try to close those browser or walk away from what you are currently lusting. It'll give you time to rationalize whether or not you really need more clothes. I know it works for me and I'll tell myself I don't need another new top. Give yourself some time before making impulse purchases. I've found that this method works well for me.
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Ah.. eff it, I just BIN'd Ireland white leather sigs for $60...

Well, I will just sell them to my sister. No harm no foul?
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